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Result of Uttarakhand Board Secondary or High School (10th class), Senior Secondary or Intermediate (12th class) exam 2012

Please visit again for the updated page little later as the official result was expected to be declared after 11 am or so but official sites as mentioned are not showing the results till now (4pm). However you can check the results as given below.

Intermediate exam result:

High School exam result:

Visit the school education site of the Uttarakhand government

Or check this link also if the above links are not working

Uttarakhand State Eligibility Test U-SET 2011-12: important information

Kumaun University Nainital is going to conduct the first State Eligibility Test (U-SET) in Uttarakhand in 23 subjects in accordance with the pattern of the National Eligibility Test (NET).
Following are some important points to be noted regarding U-SET:

1- Pattern, passing marks and syllabus etc. of the exam is same as that is required in the NET.
For List of subjects, Fees structure, conditions of eligibility, Scheme and schedule of exam, test centers and general instructions visit the link given below:

2- Where and when to get the form: From the designated post offices by paying Rs 40 and from 21st May, 2012 onwards.

3- Last date of the form submission through registered/speed post: 30th June 2012

4- Date of Exam: new date has been fixed as 29th of July, 2012

5- Age Limit: there is no age limit for appearing in the U-SET

6- Syllabus of those 23 subjects mentioned in the notification is same as that of NET.

7- If you could not find the syllabus of your subject in the list then you can

Important note- candidate from other state can apply but they will be considered as general candidates and would be eligible for lectureship only in state of Uttarakhand.
And clearing of U-SET doesn’t ensure any job as this is just a minimum criteria for lectureship in colleges e.g. like UTET or CTET for teachers at school level.
For any further queries you should contact - 9411597995,

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Uttarakhand State Eligibility Test (U-SET) or State Level Eligibility Test (SLET) 2012 in Uttarakhand; is there need of the U-SET/SLET?

What is SLET or U-SET?
It stands for State Level Eligibility Test (SLET) or Uttarakhand State Eligibility Test (USET). It is state level test and can be conceived equivalent to the National Eligibility Test (NET). However the NET is valid in all India for JRF/Lectureship but SLET is valid for that state only.

After the formation of the state of Uttarakhand it will be first time SLET-2012 would be organized in the state possibly in the month of July, 2012 for the eligibility of Lectureship in the degree colleges of Uttarakhand. Kumaun University, Nainital is going to be the nodal agency for conducting the first USET of Uttarakhand.

Government is in view that there is dearth of NET qualified candidates in the state of Uttarakhand. So this may one of the reasons for not filling up the vacant post of professors, assistant professors, associate professors in colleges of Uttarakhand.

Well, we don’t know how they prepare such kinds of reports and views?
There are peoples known to us who have cleared the NET in various subjects and are forced to take up jobs in schools. Further there are eligible candidates who are already teaching in colleges on the contract basis. So there logic seems less valid on ground level. Generally government policies looks like to be made for the vested interests of the few.
Well pardon me if that statement gone bit harsh and one sided.

One reason might be that they want to present a slight easier pattern so that more candidates become available. But government policies are most often increase eligible candidates without looking properly the employment aspect. The Same thing is happening with the B.Ed. course. See how peoples are now fighting it out at the issue of Vishist BTC.

Why not first ensure the jobs for those NET passed and then go for the SLET?
In fact if put in the right manner why go for the SLET by wasting the people’s money and time and just increase the number of candidates looking for job on that basis. It is also well known that at higher education level there are less government jobs as compared to the school education.
 Also it seems more frustrating when they talk of maintaining quality in the education system. Can such duplicity and diluted standards ensure the quality?
 Their contradictory policies and their thought process go on in AC rooms without much emphasis on the common man’s aspirations, need and benefit.

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Admissions in Kumaun University Nainital 2012

Kumaun University Nainital is inviting application for the admission in the various professional self financed courses in the DSB campus, Nainital, SSJ campus, Almora and Bhimtal campus of the Kumaun University.

Following are the courses:
1- MBA E-Business
2- MBA (3year part time)
3- MBA tourism
4- BCA
5- MPharma
9-MBA (Integrated 5year course)
10-Bachelor of Fine Arts-Drawing
11- Master of Fine Arts-Drawing

Availability and submission of the application forms: The above mentioned campuses/departments of the Kumaun University till 30th June, 2012.

Last date of submission: 30th June, 2012.

Please visit again for more details or any official link.

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Admission in Post Graduate (PG) courses of HNB Garhwal University 2012

HNB Garhwal University Srinagar, Pauri Garhwal a central University is going to conduct the entrance exam for the admission in the post graduate courses (MA, MSc, MCom, etc.) as follow:

Availability of the application forms and Entrance Exam information brochure: Starts on 28th May, 2012 from the Garhwal University Srinagar cash counter office, or can also be obtained via post

Dates of entrance exam: 18th to 21st July, 2012

Last date of submission: 23rd June, 2012.

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Entrance exam for admission in Pre-PhD. courses of HNB Garhwal University 2012

Update- result declared. Click here to check your result

HNB Garhwal University, a central University after a long wait is going to conduct the entrance exam for the admission in the research discipline of the various courses as follow:
Availability of the application forms and Entrance Exam information brochure: Starts on 28th May to 16th June, 2012 from the Garhwal University Srinagar cash counter office, or can also be obtained via post

Mode of selection: written test containing multiple choice question (100 questions) and interview.

Criteria of selection: merit based on test, interview and academic achievement.

Date of entrance exam: 28th July, 2012

Last date of submission: 23rd June, 2012.

Visit again for more information later.

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Latest news and views on Nainital High Court verdicts and other issues Regarding Vishist BTC 2011-12 or UTET-1 in Uttarakhand

3rd May, 2012- Those waiting for the decision of the Nainital High Court regarding the UTET-1 or the VBTC might have some good news on Monday. The court will write the judgment on Monday.
Few things need mention here regarding debate in the court.
1- As all the candidates of the UTET-1 are residents of Uttarakhand, Court said candidate must have choice of filling the form from any district.

2- Court asked the government that the why not this notification be cancelled because it has not included the term BTC along with the B.Ed. in the minimum qualification.
But here government has said that there were no BTC candidates available at that time.

3- The court also seemed not happy with the regular BTC’s petition for delaying the process. Court also said that seats cannot be reserved for them and that any recruitment process cannot be put on hold till completion of any course by anybody. And also asked that why not they be fined for the some reasons.

4- Court also favored the merit wise over the year wise selection process.

These are some of the points that came up during the hearing of VBTC in the Court today and yesterday but please note that whole matter will be clear only after the written verdict comes on 7th May, 2012. It depends how the verdict is passed in the technical terms and its short term and long term implication. Further it has to be seen how the opposing parties react to the verdict and their course of action.

8th May, 2012- So today the court came out with the judgment and within a neutral view, we are still thinking whom to congratulate? You might have read the main theme of the verdict as commented below by the respected visitors. And it was almost expected provided that nothing goes wrong dramatically.
Here are some of the points you would like to know about today’s verdict regarding VBTC or UTET-1 or BTC:
1- Court has rejected the plea for the stay on the process of primary teachers’ recruitment in Uttarakhand through VBTC. The appeal was declared baseless by the court by citing examples.

2- There shall be no change in the recruitment process or the original notification. So it means it will be year wise, and district wise and later on state counseling as mentioned in the original advertisement.

3- Court has said nothing serious about the TET qualification of the regular BTC candidates. It means they are exempted from it.

4- Regular BTC candidate however will have the seats reserved (out of those 4500 seats) as you might know through our previous article. B.Ed and UTET-1 candidates will have those 2253 posts.

5- Court was not in mood to indulge in the nitty gritty of increase in the seats as court viewed it as matter of the state government or to be exact it is in the hands of Mr. Naithaniji.

24th May, 2012- Regular BTC has gone to the double bench with their previous contention and the B.Ed. and UTET-1 peoples now have counter filed a writ for making TET necessary for the BTC candidates for appointment as primary teachers. And 5th June is fixed as a date of hearing in this case.

Regarding another issue of NCTE, NCTE has said that it has given permission for inclusion of the candidates with more than 45% in graduation not less than that. And that relaxation is for one time only. And it would not be extended.

31st May, 2012- CM Bahuguna has suspended this recruitment process by giving casual reason and lollypop (perhaps till he wins election which is in fact a daunting task for him). Their contention is that the number of seats and the vacancies were not fulfilling the criteria of 30:1 ratio of student is to teacher as required under right to Education (RTE). But these are all political gimmicks and casualness on part of our decision makers which are not very difficult to understand.
There are many questions that can be raised regarding such irresponsible step.
First of all how come such mistake occurred and got unnoticed after several months even when the case has been in the court also?
The process could have moved alongside the correction or amendment if any required. Why to stop it altogether?
And see the announcements made by the Ministers!

However it is not that easy to fool the educated persons as you can see from the comments of the respected visitors given below. They may be helpless though.

7th June, 2012- This case as supposed to be looked into by the double bench on 5th June, came up today and  result is that the both the writs as filed by the regular BTC candidates and the B.Ed. plus TET candidates (please read above) have been quashed.

8th July, 2012- you may have been getting updated through the comments and discussion of our visitors so we are also bit late in posting the update here. Actually we were waiting for something serious and solid enough among the rhetoric reports coming in different newspapers (our some visitors had already posted the reports from different newspapers in the comments). One good thing we observed that a commenter even posted information gained through RTI. Such initiative is definitely encouraged here. And if anyone of you has such info then we can post it in the main section with your name. Use the “contact” page for this if you are interested.
In nutshell the process has been reinitiated the merit list of the VBTC candidates from the respective DIETs may come up in the days to come.

14th July, 2012- friends DIET of some districts have released their merit list and calling candidates verification of their documents.  These lists can be seen posted in the respective DIET read more about the counseling and the merit list in the..

19th July, 2012- As of now most of the DIETs have come out with their lists. And there is some good news for the B.Ed. candidates that, as we have mentioned in the earlier post that some other states have taken permission from the NCTE for…please check the new article

3rd August, 2012- respected visitors you might be following the comments in the various related articles to get updated on this issue. Summary is that the process has been again stalled. There is issue of double domicile, where peoples have.. Read further and the new updates on this issue

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