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IGNOU has announced admission (2011-2012) to its various courses that include B.Ed., MBA and others. For details click the link given below.
There is entrance test viz. OPENMAT for admission to the management program ( MBA, PGDHRM, PGDIM, DIM, PGDMM etc.)

Here actually I want to tell some untold facts about the IGNOU's  MBA program. Why IGNOU's MBA is little bit tough nut to crack?
And perhaps you would get some tips to go through the IGNOU's MBA or in fact any programe of IGNOU.

Frankly speaking, if you ask me, personally I would not recommend MBA from IGNOU unless you have whole hearted focus on it like a regular program, of course I mean it, like a regular program or may be more than that.

The focus I feel, is difficult to maintain by most of the aspirants as most of them are working peoples.

It’s not about quality or something of that sort. It would stretch you to the limits. You would find yourself doing many other things related to it except study.

 There are numerous hurdles which you need to overcome there.
Take few examples-

You could not find a suitable peoples to have a company (which I vouch very necessary to do a course form IGNOU).

 As the program proceeds you find most of them loosing the touch. And next time if you happen to be attending the counseling session some new faces (even likes of retired colonel, C.A. etc) would be there and all of them barring few are good for only themselves.( for some obvious reasons)

You wasted your nights in preparing your assignment and they were not up to the mark ( even if you were doing some kind of arrangement for assignment to get them done by hook and crook).

You could not submit them on time for this or that reason.

And worst, you were waiting for the result and when you visited many times over the net ( as at the dead moments server would not respond) to check your result but alas you find that your assignment marks are not there !

 You wait for sometime, then finally you visit the study center and the concerned person might be absent on that day or any other bad day for you. Ok you ask the study center peoples ( if you are lucky enough to find a good helping one) who are more often seems busy and utterly ill-informed would reply indifferently in short to do something and you scratch your head.

 This I would say is just a trailer of the whole saga.

You have taken the exams and waiting for the result but its not shown there, after keeping you thinking for months a letter arrives that declares that you are time barred for that particular course and your result had been put on hold. Ohhhh.

But you were accurate in deciphering the semester mess or that two year criteria and even study center authority are confused regarding that, what is the option before you?

After few months of running and phoning you are sure you had committed an innocent but may be costly error. Ok better luck next time.

Moreover by that time, your re-registration dates had also passed. Phew. Wait for another semester.

 There are few papers which will always haunt you until you clear them.

Actually they suit particular back ground peoples e.g. one paper is good for the commerce background candidates and one paper suits the mathematics background peoples etc.

Project work would take your lot of time, concentration and hard work if you follow it genuinely.

And even if you follow things sincerely, result of the whole affair will add to your frustration.
You need to be on your toes until it finishes or you might leave it in between due to that frustration.

You can’t take it casually unless you don’t care about the marks. And there is time bound for the course now.

Even on your first day ( if you clear the OPENMAT ) of induction the coordinator would himself apprise you of the acid test you are going to face when he would say, “ welcome to MBA program of IGNOU, its easy to get admission in this program but difficult to finish.”

And believe me those words will always ring in your head if you get into it.

Its not my intention to just paste a gloomy picture, but aforementioned are all experienced based and which is known only to a person who had been through it for the last 6 to almost 7 years.


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