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How to get latest information or more updates from this website

Welcome viewers. If you want to get the most updated information or you want to read other information regarding any topic then follow these tips while using this website.

We recommend you to be using the faster updated versions of the various browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla firefox etc.) or instead you should use new versions of Google chrome for proper viewing of this website. However it depends upon your choice that works for you.

Remember our short nicknameUBC
U= uttarabuzz
B= blogspot
C= com

 Click on the various links (blue text) given at appropriate places. For instance check “information archive” section for date wise information
And ‘topic’ section to see relevant matter under various headings.
Latest comments and latest information sections are also there.

And sometime latest update links are also provided in the old articles.

Perform a little bit of search by using the Google search bar given in the website if required.

Always look for all new date and some back date articles in the context of a your query to get proper information on any topic or else
 Comments are important source of information so you are encouraged to comment anything good or bad but please make sure that it should be within the limit of decency. However you must read various comments regarding your topic of interest before posting your comment ( if It is a question) as many a time that questions which you want to ask have already  been answered by the authors of the Blog or  the visitors. So look for those comments.
Generally each and every comment is published after a  little delay. Therefore you need not to type your comments many times. Check a bit later or sometimes even after few days for the status of your comment.

And only in rare case we will send anything to your personal E-mail ID. So it is better to communicate through comments only.

Repeated questions or comments, offensive language, comments with links to some other commercial websites without prior approval etc. or any scrupulous activity may get spammed or blocked automatically.

A visitor with proper name and concise and relevant question or comment has more chance of getting a reply or help than an anonymous visitor. So give your name or so when commenting for your own benefit. For example say while asking for an admit card or related matter. It also helps to address the reply in context of the proper comment even after gap of few days.

Please note that authors or administrators of this Blog, in spite of trying hard, may not be in position to reply each and every comment within short period of time. So you are advised to come regularly or log-in frequently to and check whether your question has been replied or not.

Do visit regularly and also share what you know about any issue to make a good use of this Blog for you and making a base or platform of information sharing among peoples.

Just remember our domain name and/or type    on your internet browser and the latest article or issue would be there on very front page and in sequential manner for  you.

For latest updates you should  follow us by E-Mall and/or become a ‘follower’ of this Blog. (As sometimes only member are allowed to comment or share anything)
Tell your friends about this platform i.e.  so that some peoples with good knowledge and authentic information can share views for the benefit of all.
If you are complying with the above mentioned criteria you are sure to get our support and you will enjoy and appreciate our effort.
Last but not least, it is a private Blog and our endeavor is to help you by providing you the latest, correct information.
However the Information published here is gathered from numerous formal and non-formal sources.
As such authors or the administrators of this Blog do not claim any accuracy and authenticity of the matter published here. So visitors are requested to use their own discretion for using this information.

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