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So you want to say something in this blog or you want to give us your views, advertisement, message or any information that is relevant for the peoples visiting this site. If you are serious read on….

• You are welcome to give us articles, photo, videos, suggestions, information or ad etc. in Hindi or in English. But if you are writing in Hindi the written work must be free from any kind of error ( grammatical or factual) which you will have to make sure before sending us anything.

• You are requested to keep your matter relevant, if not interesting.

• If needed we can talk over phone too but before that you need to show your seriousness regarding the matter.

• However you are free to add as much informative content to the blog as you like or as decided, mutually.

• And yes we would be happy to publish your name to the article or information..

• we would look for a long term partnership.

• You want to ask something.

• So you are ready to go,

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