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Why my comments are not showing? How to comment in this website? There is some problem with the comment form?

As you can see that a new commenting system has been introduced in this website for convenient commenting and exchange of thoughts. Here are some facts you need to keep in mind regarding the new comment system in

1- It is good platform to ensure effective communication. For example here you can post you comment right under other comment through ‘reply’ button even after long gap.

2- You can post images, pictures or videos etc. into your comment. (Will subject to approval)

3- You can send the relevant comment to you friends. And also get comments delivered to your email id.

4- You can arrange the list of comments in ascending or descending order to find the right comment (popularity etc.) given below the article.

5- You can also view the different comments on various date and time done by particular visitor.

6- Further we have seen peoples facing problem in commenting because of the “log in “problem. Here you can comment by logging through any of your valid account in any of these websites- facebook, twitter, yahoo, gmail, hotmail, disqus, open ID etc. Your account or email will not be visible to public unless you provide it within the comment.

7- All previous and new comments are now shown in this system.
However we are still experimenting with the idea, so there might be cases of problems being faced by our visitors. You can tell us regarding this through the “contact page” on top.

8-please ensure you are seeing the new “comment box” with ‘DISQUS’ logo on top right of the box before writing anything. Otherwise your comment may not be visible in the “latest comments” or to the common public. And it would not be our fault.

9- Please post any comment through the computer not through the simple mobile device as it has been noticed that the mobile comments are not visible especially when they are not posted in the new comment system. As there are some technical issues we are trying to solve.

10- It is requested that if you are discussing about something new and unique issue then put that matter in the fresh comment box rather than in the reply to any comment by any visitor so that the other visitor can see you on top and can put their views on what you have said.

11- We have seen that many visitors post their comments under the wrong article or old articles i.e. they don’t read the information or update before commenting. For example generally visitor may be writing about Samuh-g related matter under article that is related to LT or lecturer recruitment process. So please write comment under the proper information that is related to your topic and possibly under the latest information regarding that topic not under the old information. Only then other persons who are searching for the same information can hear your voice and reply to you. And you can find your comment in proper place.

12- Never hesitate to ask any question on any issue because some issues, if not visited or raised by our visitors are discontinued. And then we don’t follow them. So if you want some topic or issue to be covered properly you should say it. Also report any problem to the website moderator or administrators through comment or “contact page”.

13- And please ensure you are following the rules and regulations set by the administrators (read “how to get latest information….”) for using the site.

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