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Question papers or sample papers- Samuh-g, Samuh-ga or group-c recruitment in Uttarakhand

New- group 10 set-A question paper is also there please check.

Here (in the link below) you can see the question papers of various group exams along with the group 05 paper conducted by UBTER.
If you are looking for the admit card, syllabus or pattern, exam dates, exam centers of Samuh-g then you should read other relevant articles along with their comments in this website.
The importance of these question papers has increased as it has come to our notice and even noticed by other peoples that significant numbers of questions are being repeated in the group-c exams. So take them seriously and you are free to discuss them here.
 For the group 5 that was held on 4th September 2011 at Dehradun,
As first 50 questions were specifically trade related (surveyor, manchitrak etc.)
So we have provided the last 50 questions that are of general knowledge, general history and geography and about Uttarakhand etc.
Questions seem to be more or less related to general history and geography which we have read in our 10th standard or so.
Question no.70 was also there in UTET-1 held on 27th August, 2011. You can check this in previous articles.
Uttarakhand based questions were also easier to answer and most of them would be there in some good books.
Click here to see or download the various question papers of Samuh-g or group-c exam by UBTER

Note- this link will take you to a new website which is part of this website so follow this link and check the relevant pages for different group papers.
Rotate the file if required to properly view it.

Now you can also check answers or answer key to those questions in new article
Please let us know if you are finding it difficult to see or download the papers or your thoughts on any issues by your comments.

Click here to read new article to know more about question papers or latest groups exams papers
If you can provide us any paper it will help many others and also if you know the answers to these questions as asked in the Samuh-ga  paper or any other paper, you can provide them in the comments and do quote the ‘ question number’ and the ‘authentic source’ of the your answer ( e.g. Book, internet etc.) when replying.

More papers of various groups of the Samuh-g exam in Uttarakhand will be coming for you in the days to come so keep in touch and check the appropriate link regularly to see if new papers have been uploaded.

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