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What is happening in our country? It seems we are going through the tough time. It really heart wrenching and frustrating to look at the proceeding in our so called strong democracy.
What happened in Ram Lila Maidan in Delhi sometimes provoke a true Indian to get aggressive and violent against the threadbare, corrupt system.
But it also give immense pain to sometime think that for the whole system sometime we all Indian peoples are responsible.
After all these petty, corrupt and daring peoples who are governing us, are send by us to the parliament.
Just see what the foolish, irresponsible, shameful kind of statements they give, politics they play. They are there governing us. Next time when there will be election we Indians would probably forget all the things and again send them to the parliament.
We are all getting used to such things. Why?
We are failing in international diplomatic front (we are soft nation), we are reeling under increasing price rise, we have ever growing problem of poverty and unemployment and our governing system seems all exposed and doing shameful acts and politics to anyhow justify their stand for their own political leverage.
And we all Indian are becoming mute spectators to these brazen spectacle. Just open news channel and check how the hell is breaking loose.
Can’t we do something to it?
Actually a true Indian (‘true Indian’ I mean it) sometimes seems to be entangled in a very demoralizing kind of dilemma- whom to support? And who to believe?
1-A political party? they all seems to be playing same game, busy with themselves and their opponents. they just wait for their turn to fool the public.
2- Social reformers, if they are really there among us, who perhaps seems to be too weak or having very low profile or may be marred by their own narrow self interest
3-Peoples just catapulted to level of cynosure of public eye.
We, of course, lack effective and true leadership.
We hapless Indian  need someone with a little good intention  a substantial agenda and just see how all want to rally after that person.
Public support to Anna Hajare and Baba Ramdev is the testimony to the fact how frustrated we are with the system.
But question is- would they be able to achieve something substantial?
What should be our role in this cacophony? Just watch aaj tak, ibn7, zee news or star news etc and join the verbal war and vent our frustration on to ourselves?

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