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It will set a benchmark for the appointment of teachers in India. A certain amount of uniformity will also ensure the quality of teachers appointed in various schools.

Seeing the  mushrooming substandard B.Ed. colleges and the quality of teachers coming out of them, TET OR UTET may compel the prospective teacher to have at least the required knowledge to teach the primary or secondary classes. Some teachers may be able to do justice with the students after clearing the CTET or UTET.

You might have heard the case of BIHAR where the 8000 serving Government primary teachers could not secure even 30% in Teacher Eligibility Test. It really hurts. It will hurt more if you come to know the kind of simple questions that were asked in the TET in Bihar.
Answer to those questions might be part of the syllabus which those teachers (if they at all teach in the classroom) should be teaching regularly.

Do such teachers need to be in service?

It is not ‘happens -only –in- Bihar’ kind of case. It can be case of state of Uttarakhand also or in fact any of state of ndia.

Now coming on to the point I don’t understand why some (of course not all) prospective teachers or the B.Ed. trained teachers want to avoid the TET in Uttarakhand (UTET-2011).
Further there is demand for year wise BTC in Uttarakhand along with the exemption from UTET-2011.

Year wise BTC in Uttarakhand may serve the purpose of those aging candidates who might be on the verge of crossing the age limits of Government job. Let it be year wise for the benefit of the aging unemployed youth.

But is the demand of exemption from the Uttarakhand Teacher Eligibility Test (UTET) valid?

As I told you the above cases of Bihar what is your opinion?

Don’t our teachers who are going to teach young minds or say who shape destiny of our nation should have some basic knowledge of facts which is supposed to be taught in the classrooms or some basic idea of child psychology which they have learnt in their B.Ed. classes or teacher training classes.

On other side one can argue that the minimum pass percentage (60%) might be slightly higher.

But then you can perhaps reappear in TET, CTET or UTET as many times as you like if you cannot achieve that minimum marks.
You can also appear for improvement in the marks of TET or UTET if you are not satisfied with your marks.

And last but not least if one wants to be so called ‘TEACHER’ (need not to explain the qualities of a teacher) he/she must not be scared of TET OR CTET OR UTET.

                                                                                                                                                                               As told to you by Mukul

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