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There are already many posts and useful comments in this website which are telling the whole story of the LT recruitment exam-2010-11 till date. If you are new to this website go and read previous articles and the comments to apprise yourself with many facts and the happening regarding the LT exam or final LT merit list.
Change of guard at the upper ministerial level has also affected the LT issue.
Earlier education minister of state was taking decision bit quickly as compared to the new minister of education.
Selected candidates of LT exam are now said to be sitting in dharna in front of education department at Dehradun demanding quick resolution of the issue and their appointment.

New CM Mr. B.C. Khanduri has already ordered the inquiry into the LT exam. So things are going to be delayed for sure. (Nothing new in this)
UBTER Roorkee which was earlier saying that they are crystal clear would now face the heat of inquiry. Lets see if truth comes out or not (which is rare possibility)
If you have read the earlier articles, you can figure out that there were obvious signs of mistake or nepotism in the result declaration process.
Education department’s role also should come under the purview of the inquiry.
One more thing came to us while we looked at the final merit list of LT as declared on 24th August, 2011.
If I am not wrong, the general cut-off in merit list should be higher than any category (say woman, SC or ST Etc.)
But if you deeply look into the merit of some subjects cut-off marks for general category are lower than other category (say woman category)!
Now the consequence would be the ouster of many woman candidates from this list but they were there in previous list (1st June).
You should confirm this from the final merit list which you can find in previous posts.
Please clear my doubts if I am wrong.
Some peoples are also had gone and are going to the court to settle things.
Some court cases are obviously genuine but some cases I would say are unnecessarily stalling the whole process. (Check comments of previous post)
Even court’s stance seems to be surprising sometime.
However court takes decision on basis of the evidences that are presented in support or against any issue.
Moreover if you are eagerly looking for waiting list of the LT result (as there was talk of 25% increase), there is no good news for those candidates.

Going by a newspaper report government seems to be backtracking on their previous saying. Report said that waiting list would include only those candidates who have given their complaints (pratyavedans). And only if your complaints are found genuine otherwise forget about it!
Somehow and by hook and crook they just want to keep their loved ones within the merit list?
And are you peoples getting the reply of those pratyavedans? Tell us what they said.
If you have something in your mind we are listening. At least we can share.

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