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Semester system in Garhwal University, schedule of semester system in Garhwal University, Semester exam system of HNBGU

Garhwal University, Srinagar is now following the semester system in PG courses.

Following are some points you should know to clear your doubts regarding this system-

1-every semester will have six courses (or papers).
2-every course or paper will have six units.
3-theory paper- 60%
4-internal assessment- 40%
5-40% marks are necessary in internal assessment of each course or paper.
6-passsing marks (combined of theory and internal assessment) - 50%
7-first semester back paper exam will be conducted in the third semester.
8- PG course must be completed within 8 semesters (or four years)
9-attendance required to sit in the exams-75% (50% is special case)

Schedule for this semester-

Admission-16 July to 30th July
Academic session- 2nd August to 24th December
Exam form submission- by 1st October
Practical exam- 20th November
Final exam- 1st December

Passing marks of 50% may be a good step to curb the unnecessary admissions and wastage of resources in higher education.
Semester system is norm of modern time. But 20 to 30% would have been good proposition as followed by IGNOU. 40% marks in internal assessment opens doors for the nepotism and favoritism by the teachers which is rampant in our system. There should be strict norms for the transparency and objectivity in any internal assessment. And more of field work; practical work, community related work, opportunity to express their creativity etc. should be included in the internal assessment.

Generally it may become futile exercise rather than forcing students to prepare for some ‘before the exam’ useful work.
And last but not least everyone knows how the criterion of 75% attendance is fulfilled in our colleges. However just imagine the situation where suppose just 80% students (not even 98%) admitted in a course on a single day simultaneously attend a class in a single classroom (which has arrangement for limited students) of  DAV Dehradun or in fact any other college!
There should be practical and viable solutions to such problems.

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