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Which is most reliable mobile service provider in Uttarakhand? Best mobile network or mobile service operator in hill areas or remote interiors of Uttarakhand; compare network connectivity services of GSM mobile operators in Uttarakhand

If you are one of the resident of this state or a person coming from outside of the state or even a foreign national coming here for some reason or other then you must have faced the dilemma of choosing a mobile service provider which will help you remain connected with the rest of the world.

Remember in hill areas (as 88% of Uttarakhand is in mountains) even you good reliable service provider whether Airtel, Idea, BSNL, Vodafone, Reliance Tata etc. may leave you in lurch. (Even if they promise you sky is the limit).
 Here in this article I am trying to help you figure out what is best for you as far as connectivity is concerned.
Various service providers generally put their devices on single towers in remote areas.
BSNL owing to its reach in the remote areas through its old established basic infrastructure facilities (remember I said old and I mean it) is still one of the reliable mobile service operator.
Of late Idea has made good penetration into the nondescript areas of the state thanks to setting up of more new towers as compared to other service providers.
They are also collaborating with Airtel for providing the services.
 Signal strength fluctuates a lot for all these three service providers which may affect the calls. (Airtel signal, if present, however remain comparatively stable).
For internet Idea signals are rooky (if the signals are there at all). Yes they are rooky and fluctuate at rapid rate as compared to Airtel. Airtel signal may not go as high as Idea’s signals but they give better constant quality surfing.
For surfing internet BSNL signal are very weak but may be the last option many times.
Airtel signal strength seems to be constant and best in the lower plane areas of Haridwar, Dehradun etc.
If you are traveling in the hill areas then BSNL would be your last resort until the mobile catches the signal of nearby service tower. (Even BSNL may go off for few minutes)
Of late I have heard from the peoples of those areas such as regions of Uttarkashi or Pauri-Garhwal that they can avail good service of Idea as compared to any other service provider.
Peoples also said (in some regions of Rudraprayag) that even when mobile is showing signal they could not make or receive calls with other service providers other than BSNL.
And they have to quite often go to some suitable nearby places to find mobile connectivity signals.
I wanted to know more about Vodafone but I could not find enough customers known to me for Vodafone especially for the upper hill part of Uttarakhand.

Reliance boast of large network (may be for planes only). With Reliance long beep of trying to connect to someone at the dead moment would irritate you to smash your phone quite often.
Customers of Aircel, Uninor, Tata teleservices and others are difficult to find in remote regions. And peoples complain lot about the services. They are good for their cheap affordable most often confusing plans for various services in the plane regions of Uttarakhand.
If you want to check the service provider in your areas just go to setting of mobile and select manual (default is automatic) network and it will show you all service providers active in that area.
So finally it would be better to have at least above mentioned three SIMs (BSNL, Airtel or Idea) in your kitty to use them in different places and situation for the hill regions.
Process of selection more often requires trial and error methods but it may be worth it.
Here I have not taken plans of service providers and customer service into consideration.
This article is based on personal experience and the inputs from other peoples using the services.  
You are welcome to share your own experience in the comment section.

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