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Samuh-g or group-c exam dates in Uttarakhand clash with the The Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) common written exam (CWE) for recruitment of Bank Clerks in 19 nationalized Banks or public sector Banks. Samuh-ga (group 10 and 23) in Uttarakhand and all India bank clerical exams on 27th of November!

As per our policy of publicizing the concern of the common youth and common peoples, we are here posting this article and hope to get it resolved with your support.

Actually few comments by some of our valuable visitors (one of them is Pankaj Kumar) who are the source of inspiration for this website, we decided to put their voice in this platform.
Once again there seems carelessness, insensitivity or lack of knowledge on part of some of policy maker. Uttarakhand youth are going to loose, of course, a good chance of competing for much needed job opportunities.

There are large numbers of Bank clerical posts in 19 of nationalized Banks which are to be filled by common entrance test or CWE on all India bases. But Uttarakhand youth may have to choose from one – either Samuh-g group 10 and 23 or CWE.
At earlier instance also group 5 and group 8 exam on 4th September clashed with another very important SSC tier2 exam.
This time also it is going to be the same story so you all need to act fast and collectively.
Indeed it is very good chance for many aspiring candidates as for the past few years there has been bulk recruitment in banking sector.
And bank clerical exam might be easier as compared to other officer grade bank exams. So no one would like to just give it a casual miss.
Further there are lots of vacancies which are another encouraging factor.

Just see the number of vacancies, the level of exams, and the aspiration of big number of unemployed youths. How they can make such a mistake?
They don’t care unless and until shaken properly and beforehand.
Can some legal action be taken for such negligence?
We would like to be enlightened through proper comments by someone with knowledge of legal matter among our readers!

For now we suggest you all to publish your concern in some popular newspapers (as far as I remember no newspaper has raised this issue till now?).

Some of you peoples (collectively) must visit UBTER and talk to their head directly.
Try to squeeze something positive out of UBTER as they are the conducting body.

Election are approaching, take some local political party leader with you.
Send memorandum through proper channel to education minister Mr. Matbar Singh Kandari or Chief Minister. If required why not meet Mr. B.C. Khanduri directly?

See, things are easier said than done. But you will agree that these things are not impossible or are they? Some will power, collective and timely efforts are needed.
Remember ‘united we stand, separated we fall’
After all it is question of your career or future.
You are free to ask peoples for coming together through this website. You can share your mail ID or phone numbers etc. through comments.

Read about other issues related to
Semester system in Garhwal University etc. in this Blog. And keep track of us for more update and analysis of various topics.

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