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Where is waiting list of the Uttarakhand LT recruitment exam 2010-11 after the Lecturer and LT grade appointment, 25% increase in the LT posts

Click here to check the waiting list and read about the recent news and developments regarding the LT waiting list 
(update- October 2, 2012)
Note- Henceforth the new information may be updated in the above new article only.

A gyapan (click on it to see the proper size of the print) sent by Mukesh, Manish and others to CM

They request you to send the same type of memorandums to concerned authorities.
Further UTET-1 candidates are now getting aggressive for the demand of Vishist BTC. Why not join them and get together. Consult them if they are willing to take you along and include your interest within their demands. Both of you can be mutually beneficial to each other.
Contact numbers of Mukesh, Manish, and Deven are there in the comments for any other query.

We have not been hearing any news of the much awaited LT waiting list (see previous articles).
If we help you recall some of the facts here:
There was open declaration of 25% (around 300) increase in the post in this LT recruitment process during previous C.M. (Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank) regime. The directorate of education, Dehradun had earlier prepared the whole Performa of those vacancies. But some informal news says that it is still to get passed by the government.

Mr. C.S. Gwal (Education director) had earlier himself said that after the joining of the lecturers and the LT grade teachers there is every chance of a waiting list.

Now the situation is:
That most of the lecturers and the LT grade teachers have been appointed.
Some of the Lecturers who were selected in the LT might have joined as lecturers.
This could have created some vacancies.

Some of the candidates of the provisional list of LT (oupbhandhik) appointment have been rejected on various grounds this could add further to the list of vacant seats.

So now expected increase of 300 seats + vacant seats by the lecturers + vacant seats of provisional appointments. (Please correct us if we are wrong)

So what they are waiting for?
Newspapers are also not looking into the matter properly. Even concerned educated teachers are also sitting quite and waiting. (We learned through small unnoticeable clipping in one newspaper that few members of certain group threatened to sit on dharna or so in the nideshalaya premises if their demand of waiting list is not met)
But except that news we could not hear something conclusive in newspapers.

Peoples at the directorate of education or siksha nideshalaya, Dehradun are tight lipped about this issue. Probably they might have been instructed to remain so. But this is indeed very important issue.
Elections are nearing and election code of conduct may come out in few days which would wash off everything from minds of public and the office bearers.

Have anyone asked about this matter from the siksha nideshalaya? Does anyone have any news regarding this issue?
Some candidates known to us is said to have send the memorandum to the designated offices and the concerned authorities through FAX regarding this issue. Let us see what they can achieve. You should also do such thing on your part for your own future.
Also remember to post your concern in newspapers.

Of late we are not hearing from and missing our valuable and well informed visitors (peoples like Deven, Manish and others) regarding LT issue.

Click here to get the contact details of the concerned authorities of the Uttarakhand Government (as updated on 26th of November, 2011).

Note- do share with us what (positive or negative) you have achieved by contacting them.

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