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Uttarakhand third legislative assembly poll for 70 seats on 30th January, 2012 and counting will be on 6th march, 2012

So stage is set for another assembly polls. Let us remind you all that first election in the new formed state held on 14th February, 2002. Second one held on 27th February, 2007.
BJP and Congress are the two main oppositions. But peoples are also giving due weights to the independent candidates. We are also ready to provide you the interesting and informative facts and figure which will be significant for you.

Let us now see how far the posters of Mr. Khanduri’s heavy anti- corruption campaign (we don’t see things really turning on ground level as of now) even at the cost of some other visible and notable issues pay off or not.
Plethora of job vacancies yesterday is the just few examples of petty tactics. Where were they earlier? What about their future? Will they go on smoothly altogether?

His own image might be impeccable but what about the others in his coterie.
And what about the workers at the operational level (district level, village level etc.).
And if you go by the comments of the unemployed youths coming over to this website, it doesn’t augur well for them.

And Rahul Gandhi was vocal enough yesterday. We wish he should not have said anything about corruption altogether. Well perhaps, he might not be aware of the things going at center level. Seeing his past comments and other activities and the kind of lineage he belongs to, experts have already expressed their views that, he need to learn more about what to say, how to say and where and when to say.
He was expected to be the youth icon some year back. But….

Let us remind you all that at least for God shake, no one is trying to crush the anti- corruption drive by all means here in Uttarakhand like it is being done at center.

Well politics have gone worse now days. It about flamboyance and loud declaration without actually doing substantial at basic ground level and never looking at own self when pointing finger at others.

And the most disturbing factor is- we peoples are there to support them and flock them to just have their glimpse, in spite of their good and bad deeds. Isn’t it?

We don’t judge them from multiple angles and in broader perspective.
General public is also divided into small groups for their small mostly petty interests and that also impede any revolutionary change.
Peoples also don’t take much interest in pursuing any matter (well you will find common men gossiping about them) unless and until they have their own deep interest in it or it is directly affecting them. All say “leave it Yaar”

By the way what you think will always matter here. So waiting for your comments,
Yours “”.
And remember we are not intended to hurt anyone personally.
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