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Vishist BTC or special BTC in Uttarakhand, UTET-1:2011- latest News, New Uttarakhand Teacher Eligibility Test, TET-2 or UTET-2? Will you have to appear again for another UTET?

Update of December 15, 2011- finally after a long wait 2200+ Vishist BTC vacancy notification is out. Last date is December 25. And it is year wise along with UTET-1 merit. 
Cick here to see the details of the notification regarding the recruitment process 

Update of 13th December, 2011- according to official notice yesterday candidates with correspondence BTC are now being appointed on contract basis. But court has stayed it again.
And for the UTET-1 qualified candidates there is no good news. One newspaper claimed that government lacks financial resources for the meager 2200 posts of Vishist BTC and want to stretch the matter till next legislative assembly is formed.
Another claimed that government planning to fill 1600 posts.
And in light of the topsy-turvy news UTET-1 peoples are converging near directorate of education, Dehradun today. Their numbers are given below.

Update of 6th December, 2011- Perhaps one of the irresponsible, opportunistic and may be immature statement of our Minister of Education as quoted by various newspapers claimed:
Within three days new UTET exam notification will be released along with some other election type announcements like appointment of physical education Teachers, computer teachers etc. Moreover he seemed to hell bound to appease Rudraprayag persons for the time being without giving a thought to the meaning and implications of the words he uttered. However his statement has many versions available in different newspapers. For example one newspaper said it to be TET-2.
As generally happens with politicians, there was no clear cut message for anyone (those who cleared UTET or not cleared UTET or any other unemployed educated youth). Only clear message was that the matter is going to be complicated further or delayed further and which is not new thing for them.

And obviously, this whole mess up further confused the youth of the state and increased their anxiety.
We don’t know what has compelled the Honorable Minister to come out with this statement and at this moment when everything seemed to be getting streamlined.

Perhaps some known, close persons could not qualify UTET or there might be other vested interest.
There could be chances that some of among us are willingly and knowingly trying to get the process delayed by various means. Hope this may not be the case.

Moreover those in power are just aware of the tricks to exploit the scattered interests of the peoples. And as far as the interest and demands of the peoples are concerned they are numerous and more often clashing with each other.

5 peoples have some interest, 5 peoples have just opposite of that. 100 have some demands but within them 70 think differently and so on. There is lack of collectivism for the common goal. There need to be sacrifice of at least some of the petty interest at the right time for the bigger achievements. Isn’t that true?

Any way some of the UTET candidates are now vigorously demanding the quick notification of 2200 Vishist BTC posts (and also the increase in the number of posts up to 8000) within day or two as 23rd December may see the election code of conduct coming into force.
Probably they should have taken other issues like LT waiting List etc. with them to get the support of more peoples.
The future of 11000+ candidates may be in doldrums.

And the youths are getting frustrated with such kind of statements by the politicians and the bureaucrats every single day.
So some of them are now sitting on “dharna” near the Vidhan Sabha Bhavan, Dehradun. They are planning to rope in more peoples and meet various authorities to press for their legitimate demand. They have also sent necessary FAX to some concerned authorities.
If you support them or want to share something,
Contact them on these numbers:

Dhamiji- 07579149438

Note- as per our information they are going to conduct a rally tomorrow at 10 am near Vidhan Sabha. And for educated persons like all of you, need not to repeat that- unity is the strength.

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