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Latest news on LT waiting list and LT recruitment process 2010-11 in Uttarakhand

New-LT exam-2010 waiting list and joining 2013

Update (2nd October 2012) – LT waiting list for the recruitment 2010-11 is out please click here to read the latest news

New update (7th May, 2012) – There are some unconfirmed the government is in no mood to extend any more the extra time period given to the candidates for joining and so  waiting list (for 200 + candidates) is being finalized. However there is no mention of 25% increase in the post as of yet.

New update (9th April, 2012) – There are some unconfirmed that again one month time is being given to the candidates who haven’t joined till now.
And perhaps the waiting list is available with the directorate but it is not public yet.

Well it is not understandable why government is hell bend to be lenient with those candidates when they had been given enough time to join and reports had even confirmed that their appointments are going to be cancelled (may be rightly so).

Update (2nd April, 2012) - LT waiting list (around 400+) has not been declared yet. Education Directorate office at Dehradun has sought the list from UBTER. Check again later for any new and detailed information.

Correction- as said earlier that Education Minister could have been Mr. Durgpal Singh but after lots of politics finally the Mr. Mantri Prasad Naithani has been appointed as the new Education Minister of our state. And he is vowing to keep everyone happy. Let’s see how he can do that.

However educated trained peoples are their subordinate or under the authority of ministers to assist and implement the plans and it all depend upon the intentions and the working style of the minister. Let us see if he can do justice with the post and the unemployed youths of the state.

Party politics that is going on in our state is not good for anyone. Common person has nothing to do with their internal agendas. But unfortunately that is affecting the common man.
Anyway news is that the deadline of the 2nd March 2012 for joining of the LT grade teachers appointed after the LT recruitment exam 2010 is over. And the still around 400 candidates haven’t joined. If you are interested in reading the whole matter you can visit the previous article on LT waiting list 2012

In Garhwal region 264 (129 direct recruitments) LT teachers out of 1158 didn’t join.
In Kumaun mandal more than 150 (100 direct recruitments) LT teachers out of 800 didn’t join.
So perhaps their appointment would be cancelled and new appointments will be done through the waiting list that will be provided by the Uttarakhand board of technical education Roorkee (UBTER).
Mr. C.S. Gwal has said that now after getting the Mandal-wise list of the candidates who didn’t join, Education Department has sought the District-wise list of the vacant post of the LT teachers.

Well that may be some good development. But there is no words regarding the increase in the number of post in the waiting list as was being said earlier.
Hope few of you would meet this new minister and put this point before it is too late.

Please visit again for the information regarding the latest development on this issue.
And post any comment or idea under this new article regarding LT waiting issue.

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