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Uttarakhand state government Unemployment Benefit/Allowance (Berojgari Bhatta) for the unemployed youth

New updated official information is in the new link given below.

So you might have heard of the scheme supposed to be launched by the November or so 2012 in Uttarakhand. They cannot create employment and even stop or delay the few chances of employment but can play with the aspirations of the masses of educated unemployed in this way. However seeing the situation it is like “ Jo mil Jaye wahi theek” At least the unemployment benefit might cover the cost of on an average two government employment related forms (if the benefit may be around Rupees 1000 or so) or may cover at least some rising cost of the petrol for the bike. Or cover cost of a single form in case you are filling up the U-SET 2012 (it would cost you around 940+ bank draft commission+ registry+photographs etc). Hope you might have got the form after waiting in the long queues as we read the U-SET forms are running short in the Post offices.

Here let us remind you that the government before coming to power has perhaps promised to make the government related forms free of cost. Apology, if it is wrong. Now who dare to question them for such a high cost of U-SET whereas the more valid and reliable NET form cost around 500 or so in total. Perhaps no one can.

Coming on to our main heading and by now you might have planned how to arrange for that unemployment benefit. But wait face the reality. Don’t you know what is happening in the UP regarding the Unemployment benefit as proposed by the CM Akhilesh Yadav.
There are spurious and may be confusing terms and conditions not to include but to exclude the most of you from the list. In fact they would have to do this. Yes, otherwise where the money would come from?
And you know there will power for the benefit of the masses is always found wanting.

New chief Minister Mr. Bahuguna is made a bit daring but not-going-to-happen kind of announcement that they would cut off the money from Ministers quota given to them for the development of their territories! Welcome step. After all they can’t use it properly and that is public money. But can it happen like that? You will see.

Following are some of the terms and conditions which were not mentioned to you when they made promises to you through their election manifesto. But remember you cannot drag them in any consumer court like you can do in case of a private firm who cheat you with dubious terms and conditions for any goods and services.

1- You need to be below 35 years for that. Ah means if you are more than that and are now even dumped by your parents and might be married with burden of children on your shoulder, you are not eligible.

2- You should be registered with the employment office. That is OK. No you should have your name registered at least 4 year before you are eligible for that. So in simple way if you are registered within recent three year, you better relax at home.

3- You should have a Graduation degree. So if you have been thinking what will happen after a Master Degree in Arts, Commerce or other traditional courses? Think again you can get Rupee 1000 and get included in the white collar unemployed! It is a feat or insult you decide yourself.

There can be more criteria or requirements before you can get this meager amount.
Please read the official information regarding this in the new update:

Please remember there can be changes in the terms and conditions as it is just a proposition right now.. And if you find something wrong in the above matter or you want to add new information to the above matter, please let us know through comments below.

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