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Uttarakhand State Eligibility Test U-SET 2012: questions and answers

Following are some of the questions with their probable answers (based on memory) that were asked in the USET exam held on 29th of July 2012.

Update 1st September, 2012- Click here to check the question papers of all subjects of USET- 2012 and answer keys

Note- any doubt regarding the keys should be sent on or before 9th August, 2012 (the date has been extended up to 6th September, 2012, check the official notice above for detail)

As questions are based on memory the format of the question may be different and the sequence may be jumbled. These questions are presented as recalled by the candidates known to us appeared in the first SET exam of Uttarakhand. You are encouraged to add or ask your question or discuss your doubts in the comment box below. Your participation in form of asking questions and giving answers may prompt us to search for more questions and answers.

Here are presenting the questions and answers of the first Paper of USET (General knowledge and teaching and research aptitude) and 2nd and 3rd paper of the Subject “Education”, Code -09, Set-A.

Gas released in Bhopal gas tragedy
Ans- MIC methyl Isocyanide

Communication is network of
Options- messages, information,

Blood Relationship type question
Ans- Uncle

Speed of LAN is
Ans- up to 100 mbps

Economic liberalization is related to
Ans- Dr. Manmohan Singh

Article of Constitution related to untouchability
Ans- Article-17

Which one is different from the other?
Options- Copper, iron. Tin, steel
Ans- may be steel as others are metal

Mercury is kind of
Ans- Metal which is liquid at room temperature

According to William James Psychology is study of
Ans- Consciousness

Concept of Deschooling is associated with
Ans- Evan Elrich

Behaviour theory of motivation was given by
Ans- may be skinner
Other options- Murray, Watson, Mc Dougall, Skinner

Who classified intelligence into abstract, social and concrete types?
Ans- Thorndike

Who defined guidance as clinical process?
Options- Wundt, Proctor, Hoyt, Strang

Find the odd one out
Options- Socrates, Plato, Hegel, Heidegger
Ans- Martin Heidegger was an Existentialist others are Idealist.

Non directive counseling as different from Directive counseling 
Ans- In Directive counseling Counselor is more important and he advises while the Non directive is Client centered.

Who gave the concept of T score?
Options- Thurstone, Vernon, Spearman, Hurt

JP Guilford is the writer of the Book
Ans- “Fundamental Statistics in psychology and education”

Null Hypothesis accepted when there exists significance difference
Ans- Type II error

Need Reduction theory given by
Ans- Clark Hull

Philosophy that stresses on Yam- Niyam, asana, Pranayama
Ans- Yoga

Table of ‘f” test ratio was prepared by
Ans- Either Fisher or Snedecor

Who made study on the cultural determinants of personality?
Options- Meed, Murray, Allport, Cattel

Who said this “no two child have same mental ability”
Options- Hurlock, Sorenson, Crow and Crow

IQ scam is related to
Ans- Cyril Burt

Superior child has the IQ
Ans-120-140, above 140 is Genius

Nationalization of banks was done in the regime of
Options- Indira Gandhi, Shastri, Nehru

Sigmond Frued was from Vienna and Rorschach was from
Ans- Zurich, Switzerland

Number of cards in Rorschach ink blot test
Ans- 10

Main point regarding the experimental research is
Ans- manipulation of variables

External criticism of data in historical research is done to
Ans- establish the authenticity of the data

Axiology is related to
Ans- ethics and aesthetics

Naturalistic discipline is
Ans- emancipatory

Correlation between of dichotomous and continuous variable
Ans- Biserial

Which is not a kind of parametric test?
Ans- f test

Which is example of non parametric test?
Ans- Chi square

Find the odd one out
Options- Z score, C score, J Score
Ans- Z score

Two groups can be matched for research
Ans- on Mean and SD

Negative education is related to
Ans- Rousseau

If you have any other questions regarding paper-I and subject- ‘Education’, put it in your comments below. Correct any answer if you find it doubtful with proof.

You can ask other subject questions hope other visitors may respond to your question.
Note- Remember above questions are based on memory and answers given are on basis of general agreement with experts. But there is no claim of authenticity. Please refer to official answer keys of USET later (if they will provide any). Come again for any such information or result of the USET exam 2012.

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