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Uttarakhand Government has increased the age for the state government jobs up to 40 years for general and 45 years for other categories

In an important decision taken in the cabinet meeting of the Uttarakhand Government with long lasting effect, Uttarakhand Government has increased the minimum age for applying to the post in various government departments including the Uttarakhand PCS recruitment. Earlier the minimum age was 35 years for general and 40 years for reserved category.

Following are some other points to be noted:
  • Direct recruitment under the Samuh-g or group-c will have only single question paper.

  • The contractual doctors’ remuneration will be increased to almost double of the present remuneration.

  • There will be three categories in the scale for doctors based on the Sugam, Durgam and Atidurgam.

  • The contract period of the Doctors will be 3 years as against 1 year as of now.

  • All vehicles including private vehicles of the other state will have to pay tax while entering into the state.

That’s all. Barring some name changing political drama this was the summary.
If you were looking for something important for the teachers or for ‘to-be-teachers’
Or regarding UTET it seems policy makers were not so serious or interested in saying something about it.

Increase in the minimum age criteria for the state Government jobs seems a lucrative offer for many unemployed. But it is only one side of the picture.

According to data more than 80000 are registered in the employment exchanges but only 1% gets the job.
The case of LT recruitment (more than 50000 B.Ed. candidates and 1900 posts) lectures recruitment, Samuh-g recruitment (still going on but no appointments till now), and the latest salt being rubbed on the wounds is the case of VBTC recruitments (2253 posts for 15000 eligible candidates and still fighting for the increase of seats and appointments).

Now with the increase in age criteria you can only expect increase in the applying numbers of candidates and it is too is not sure that how many of them will finally get appointments smoothly or on time.

Candidates looking for other better and available prospects in private sectors may get involved in the already messed up process of “sarkari tantra” and may loose the precious time running after the Government jobs.

Experts already saying that government has taken all decisions in haste and it will burden the government exchequer.
And in reality, many cases of government recruitments are half heated efforts from the government and the most plausible and general reason forwarded by the government for such slackness is- the lack of money. Then how they will cope with this?

See the example of teachers’ recruitment. Lack of money with the government is said to be one of the reason for such handful of recruitment against large number of vacancies.

First of all there should be strong policies for creating jobs and government jobs recruitment should be on proper regular basis (not after 4-5 years and that too without homework). Loopholes in the process of recruitment should be plugged for once and all.
Isn’t this so simple? It may not be for some, but not impossible, we bet.

Seeing the situation from multiple perspectives it can be concluded that this step (increase in age)  may beneficial but eventually only for few (may be near and dear ones) and not for many.  Even then for the time being, it is a kind of dangling carrot for the unemployed youths especially for so called ‘overage frustrated’ ones. So Cheers..

Your valuable and reasonable thoughts will be appreciated through comments.

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