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New LT and lecturer recruitment in Uttarakhand 2012, difference in pattern for the LT and Lecturer recruitment exam in Uttarakhand

New- new LT recruitment exam may have new eligibility criteria please read the new article

Friends, it might be good news for many and bad for few (those looking for waiting list) but the reports in various newspapers on different dates says that Uttarakhand state government is planning to fill up the vacant post of Licensed Teacher (LT) of High Schools and the Lectures in the inter colleges of the state
There would be 1500+ lectures and around 3000 LT posts (including backlog posts) to be filled by the fresh recruitment. (This data is however not official).

The issue of LT recruitment waiting of the previous recruitment after reaching at peak now seems to be dying down slowly, as if unconfirmed reports from the inner circle are to be believed.

Further those in power circle are not interested in the “waiting list”. They rather are in favor of the new recruitment. (Read from the link below and the comments given in the old article for latest update on this topic).

One point that will really make difference in the process is the report in one newspaper; this new recruitment of LT in Uttarakhand will be totally based on the merit of written marks in the exam and will not take into account the academic merit of the candidates.
Remember earlier it was based on both the academic merit and the written exam. So candidates with high academic merit got the benefit even when they could not score well in the written test conducted by UBTER. And the question papers of all subjects in the LT exam 2010-11 were also not scoring enough so the merit of all the subjects hovered around lower side. This further put those in advantage who had good academic merit and were fresh and up to date with the subject knowledge.
However this is just a report which is not confirmed yet by officially. So come again for any update later.

One point that we would like to mention here is that; have you notice the irony in the recruitment process of both lectures and the LT.

One is conducted by UBTER which set papers of the subjects so difficult that candidates were even saying that it was of level of PCS paper.
Do you think that a teacher who has to teach 6-8th or even 10th class is required to have that much deep knowledge of the subject (obviously, though it is not bad). Isn’t he better with average subject knowledge and more general knowledge? I mean isn’t he better to be a jack of all trades.

Now take the case of the lecture recruitment 2009, the paper was set by the UKPCS, a body of repute, the question paper tested a second grade, general knowledge of the candidate (forgive us if it is harsh).
No test for subject knowledge. Now you decide yourself. The person who is going to teach class 10th to 12th shouldn’t have deep subject knowledge than simple general knowledge? Must not he be a master of his subject than anything else? Though knowledge of other areas will be an added advantage)

Here point is; there is no denying of the fact that a teacher should be multifaceted personality with wide knowledge in any situation whether lecturer or LT. But when you juxtapose the two recruitment process it seems that the process of recruitment should have been interchanged!
And the prospective Lecturer must be examined for his subject knowledge (test of general knowledge may be added) and LT teacher must be tested for a wide general knowledge (test of basic knowledge of subject may be added).

Well the problem is that both tests were conducted by different organizations so it may a far cry. But we hope you peoples will take note of this and do something from your end to make this dichotomy known to the concerned persons.

What is your view? Please let us know through your comments below.

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