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Contractual Yoga teachers, Music teacher, Art teacher, CRC, BRC, Anudeshak, Accountants, and other recruitment in Uttarakhand 2012-13, BPEd and Teacher Eligibility Test

Government of Uttarakhand is going to recruit around 1000+ (some newspaper say it around 300+) Physical training instructors (PTI) or physical education teachers, Block Resource Persons, Cluster Resource Persons Yoga instructors or teachers, music teacher, Art teachers, MIS samanvayak and accountants in the various government run schools and education centers.

These vacancies will be filled on contractual basis and through outsourcing.
We could see some news here and there regarding this recruitment in different newspapers recently.

Earlier they were supposed to be filled up by the Uttarakhand Purv Sainik Kalyan Nigam Ltd (UPNL) and some post were to be filled up by the Sarva Siksha Abhiyan (SSA) or RMSA. But perhaps due to irregularities in the appointment process in the previous government and later on due to Tehri election they were put on hold.
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Let us remind you that the BPEd and equivalent degree holders have been campaigning for their inclusion in the latest vishist BTC process right from the beginning of the Uttarakhand TET process, perhaps rightfully. But they were not included in the latest recruitment of primary teachers through VBTC process.
So it was a big blow to them.

Let us put it bit simple and logical, that a BPEd, DPEd holder is getting his degree after graduation. Then he is not eligible for teaching at primary level?

And if we are not wrong minimum eligibility for BTC or JBT or any primary teacher training course is intermediate?

Well one will argue that their need to be special training for teaching of small children like BTC or B.Ed,

But the new candidates with B.Ed. degree  in the recruitment of the VBTC will also be trained for 6 months or so then these BPEd degree holder could have been trained in that manner.

Let them undergo TET to test their basic knowledge and then if found eligible, they can be included in the primary teacher recruitment process!

What is your view? Please let us know through comments below.

May be there are also other solid technical reason behind the non inclusion but we just put the matter in the perspective of  many (perhaps 20000 or more) who could have been benefited with slight twist and will power of the government.

But for once and all that all has to be decided by the NCTE and government

And at last, official details are yet to come regarding these vacancies so come again for any such details.

And as usual your comments will be valuable for us and our audience.
Thank you.

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