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Declared waiting list and appointment of the direct LT recruitment exam 2010-11

New- waiting list candidates will be getting appointments letters after the board exams are over so here is the new information regarding the joining of LT teachers.
LT exam-2010 waiting list and joining 2013

After a long wait of more than one year, the LT waiting for the LT recruitment exam 2010-11 which was held on 30th January 2011 and the result came out after verification on 23 August 201, has been declared. The list has been prepared on basis of the vacancies that could not be filled out of the total available post.
Perhaps this line will summarize the feeling for many candidates.
It is better to be late than never.

All selected candidates have to report for document verification on 16th of October, 2012 at the Polytechnic campus office of UBTER Pithowala, Dehradun.

Please check the updated waiting list after verification of documents

We would like to congratulate all the candidates.
We have tried to provide a platform for those “to-be-teachers” through this Blog and it is good to see that some of the respected visitors are there in the list.
The process of new LT recruitment is also underway (read the link below)

VBTC candidates are also getting their appointment.
So these are positive developments.
Another one liner- something is better than nothing
One note to all those ‘Teachers’; please do justice with your job and those children.

It is not very big talk and you all can understand what we mean in the context of the slow, not rewarding, “no-one-is-going-to-ask” type of government education department.

Your comments are welcome.

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