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Malaraj Laxmi Shah of BJP wins the Tehri Loksabha by-election 2012 in Uttarakhand

Today after the counting is almost over the candidate of BJP Malarajya Laxmi Shah relative of Manvendra Shah has defeated the Congress candidate Saket Bahuguna son of current CM of Uttarakhand Vijay Bahuguna by 22694 votes.

Whatever it means to political pundits, but it if seen in totality from common man’s view point it points toward that you cannot win election just because one is so and so of someone powerful with money and in power not by ability but by obedience to top bosses. Further without in personal touch with the territory in past and perhaps never for future, playing Golf, having corporate business interest does not ensure you can gain foothold with the poor common man in two or three months.

When peoples are burdened with rising prices and brazen corruption and no one seems there to indict the corrupt ones for their behaviour. Moreover they are being emboldened by the top and mighty ones by promotions and eyewash kind of court proceedings. And when it comes to speaking to the peoples they talk nonsense and never talk on the real matters.
There is no need for elaboration for the above said issues you may understand yourself if you really think in unbiased manner without political affiliation.

However it doesn’t mean that other candidates are good or we are supporting them unless they show up something good to the public. Though it is well understood there is serious dearth of choice before public when it comes to choose.

In fact, It is matter of sending message democratically to those ruling us (without ability and in autocratic manner) that we are not fools, of course barring few (including some of so called educated peoples) because of whom we are ruled by handful in this way in so called a largest democracy.
At least public should vote for change (any party or man) if those present in power are shameless and useless they must be made aware of this fact whoever they are.

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