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Latest news and happenings related to Uttarakhand Teacher Eligibility Test or UTET-2013: UTET-1 and UTET-II, how the candidates who applied previously will get their money back?

New update- UTET-2013 news, new date and current notices

UTET-2013 exam is not going to occur on 24th Feb. New date of UTET-I and UTET-II for 2013 is expected somewhere in April or May 2013. Please be in touch for any update.

As it was foreseen that something will happen that confuse many unemployed youth and government job aspirants in Uttarakhand. It is almost a norm and trend.
Whatever government machinery does never goes without hiccups and without giving headache to most of the peoples.

Present case is UTET-2013. As we have pointed out in the previous post that government seems to be financing its most of the plans through the money from the educated unemployed youths. Perhaps some one has heard this call and the costs of the form were reduced. But there is no clarity regarding the filling of the UTET-2013 form and the return of the one cost form.
A enquiry in the post offices confirms that they are giving two form at 640 for general/OBC, 340 for SC/ST, 240 for physically handicapped.

Simply, if you want to apply for both UTET-1 and UTET-2 for 2013 (we suppose most of the candidates are applying for both) then you can purchase two forms and you will pay for only one form.

Another issue is the return of the cost of one form to the candidates who had applied earlier by paying 1280 for the two forms. Post office employees have no GO or clue regarding this. Even the peoples of government who make such type of mistakes are now thinking (if they are actually) how to execute the process of giving money back to the candidates.
Well we are not sure but if they are serious in returning the huge money to the candidates, until someone move to court, who are easy prey because of rampant unemployment.

The question is why haven’t these things are not thought earlier? Doesn’t those in charge are liable to be punished in some for or other for such debacles?

The form cost is already high. The UKPSC kind of body conducts a reputed exam for 250 Rupees. But the UBSE conducted UTET-2011 earlier and even could not send mark sheet at home address. They are up again and see what they are doing and will do in future. Just watch. Show has just started.

In fact those making such rules are being governed by their top bosses in the politics who are deft in playing such games!
For that matter do we have any competent leadership at top right now?

Anyway keep in touch for any latest information regarding the UTET-2013. Inform us through comment whatever information is with you.

And your comments are welcome.

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