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Eligibility criteria and other important information regarding contractual or part time teachers jobs in Kendriya Vidayalaya Nine things you should check for a contract teacher job in KV

So if you are confused about the minimum eligibility conditions or criteria for contractual or part time or provisional teacher recruitment in Kendriya Vidayalaya Sangathan (KVS)
Here are the general requirements for various category teachers before you can apply for KV or Navodaya part time/contract teacher jobs.
Further we have tried to provide you the answers to many frequently asked questions (FAQs) you might be thinking of before facing a KVs contractual teacher job interviews.

1-Why and how the vacancies of teachers exist in KVs?
Because there are lots of vacant teachers post in KVs. Some teachers are on leave for few months etc. All these add up to the total vacant teachers posts in KVs.
Further most schools just advertise for almost all the posts of different subject. But in reality there are only few subjects vacancies exist.

2-How is it beneficial for me to join KV as contractual teacher?
You will get good exposure in good KVs.
Your experience may add on and it will benefit you in many ways e.g., while applying for govt. aided college or schools the experience is given valuable marks in the merit.
You might be at advantage when facing the KVs permanent teacher job interviews once you are selected in the written exam for KV teachers etc.

3-What about the work load in KVs?
Frankly speaking there is much of work load. This is further compounded by the Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) pattern of CBSE.

Further sometime you might be given more than 5 periods but you will be paid for maximum five period only read below,

4-What about the salary or remuneration in KV contract job?

PGT- 260 per period
TGT and PET - 250 per period
PRT - 210 per period
Coaches and Music teacher- 210 per period
Computer Instructor- 210 to 250 per period for higher classes
Language teacher- 190 per period
Doctor- 1000 per two hours
Nurses- 750 per day

They might be telling you that for example 260/- per period for PGTs and 5 periods per day. (Maximum) which can be a good amount?

For example- which can add up to Rupees 260 X 5 periods X 24 days= 31200/- per month.
Seems good, but practically this is seldom reached. Given the holidays and fluctuating periods etc. you will however can reach up to 13000/- or so to 22000 /-or so (based on the actual experiences of the candidates)

5-How secure is your job in KV as part time teacher?
You as a part time teacher are there for one year or to be exact for one session (probably from April to March next year) only. Your contract is not renewed and you will have to look for other schools in the next years. This may be one of the reason such amount of vacancies in KV comes up each year purely on contract basis.

Read further or know more about the eligibility criteria and more FAQs.

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