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Graduates and TET qualified can become teachers?

So the present central government is going to amend something with long range impact. Present central government and unfortunately the present state government’s decision, leadership and style of functioning are mostly awkward, irresponsible, and opportunistic. And myopic, short term goals with divide and rule kind of any policy that has the potential to go from worse to worst
The above declaration may seem harsh but if you had been tapping news and views of thinkers and if for you the beloved country is more important than any political party or person then you would definitely understand. We are failing and being humiliated in any front whether it is international or national but even then we cannot do anything. Phew!
Apart from the above frustration, news is that according to Ministry of Human Resource and Development (MHRD), Union government future plan, if you are plane graduate and can qualify Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) whether UTET/CTET/TET then you will be eligible to become a teacher for up to 8th Class. Until now you have to go through the teacher training (Bed/ BlEd/ BTC/JBT etc.) program to become a school teacher. Mind you this is just a proposal till now.
As per the report some 13 states including Uttarakhand are reeling under the shortage of teachers. Further the shortage is compounded by the number of pass outs of the CTET or TET. The qualifying percentages are too low.

One of the reasons that bring up this new is the compulsion of Right To Education (RTE) which among other things envisages minimum number of teacher requirement.

I still don’t know how to react to this news. On one side it is good news for aspiring perhaps talented graduates and on other side lots of those who are already graduates and post graduates with teacher training (already spend money and precious time) and TET pass outs.
Take case of Uttarakhand. Here around 15000+ are eligible candidates with UTET and still looking for govt. teacher jobs. And while official record points to lot of vacant post of teachers in the government schools. 2253 primary teachers post are sill to be filled through Vishist BTC. Today’s news says that yesterday they resorted to procession and might do other such things for appointment.
Needless to say that there should be proper thinking rather than take to benefit by playing with the aspiration of all and then giving nothing to anyone. Some of our policy makers are expert in this game and other are going smarter day by day.

Though, official details are yet to come. Lack of proper planning and mismanagement might just add to the confusion.

Your comments are welcome.

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