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2-Latest news and views on issues regarding Vishist BTC 2011-12 or UTET-1 2011 in Uttarakhand: training and appointments 2253 primary teachers

For previous important information about the VBTC please check the earlier post link given below.

29th July 2013- with the change in rules for the VBTC appointment now the candidates are being called for to apply separately from their own districts (advertisements are appearing in various newspapers). They will be appointed and then they have to again go through the training in DIET.

21st June 2013- Friends you may be reading comments of our visitors and might be aware of the case history of VBTC 2013. In nutshell the High court case was resolved in favor of B.Ed peoples which prompted them to celebrate with sweets but that happy feeling was short-lived. Still they are fighting to get the appointment letters and regular postings. More disturbing news is that the government is planning to send them again for training! (They have already completed the compulsory training of 6 months). It seems every one in the administration is playing game with them. And few in power just want to delay the matter. Trainees of VBTC are now again started their agitation.  Today according to news they were manhandled when they wanted to sit near the house of Education minister.

One more thing you might not like to hear is newspaper report claims that government is planning to hire retired teachers to fill up the teachers post in government schools (perhaps LT/Lecturer or so the details are not out yet). So it may mean that new vacancies may not come as was being thought earlier. Clever government!

Instead of giving jobs they are now planning to introduce new course DElEd. Please visit again for new updates.

16th May, 2013- So friends VBTC matter is still to be resolved and the trainee VBTC candidates are now on roads to Sachiwalaya (Secretariat) or Nideshalya and doing those tactics which has become a norm. Their patience seems to be running short. For what? They demand regular job! Something wrong in this???

Teachers (the so called future makers of the country) are being manhandled through the police and put into jail. CM Bahuguna has no time to meet trainees and others in power are advising to have patience.
Poor guys!

Though, the matter as we have said earlier also has gone complex and kind of thorn in flesh for the government Even if they might wanted to clear it off, they might not be in position to do it easily in present situation within the context of High Courts rulings. But then who is responsible for this entire quagmire? Who has the responsibility to solve it properly?

As we have seen in past and other cases also when these bureaucrats and politicians want to do anything nothing can stop them. they can mould twist change or so anything or any rule if they want to for the benefit of few in high profiles or builders, corrupt officials or others.

Then why don’t they show bit urgency in solving this genuine matter?

Any way we haven’t any experienced legal expert with us, so we would call upon those among you to tell us what could be the legal options in this case which can be taken up by the BTC trainees or the government.

For other important information about the VBTC please check the previous post

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