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Find persons/relatives with the “Google Person Finder” and “SMS” trapped in disaster in Uttarakhand.2013

Sitting at home on computer, reading newspapers, calling/listening phones and asking well being of the acquaintances, the hovering clouds above is not giving a good feeling. Hope that the clouds that are again spreading over for rain should not have come at this time. The Meteorological forecast is predicting heavy rains again within 48 hours. More helicopters are now seen over the skies.  Hope the brave Jawans and air force will save as many peoples as they can before something untoward happen again. They are the only hope for the hapless peoples at this time.

Though we cannot help those trapped peoples directly and perhaps as of the most of peoples are not using internet, and the batteries of mobile might have exhausted by now for some trapped and untraced ones, but even than as most if the peoples affected with the disaster in Uttarakhand are looking for their dear and near ones. So here is one initiative from Google which we got from internet.

Google has started this service where you can type in the name of missing person to find that person by name or you can tell about someone you have or had seen during the disaster at Kedarnath temple or anywhere else alive or dead.

Click here to visit the Google People Finder lost in Uttarakhand flood and landslide.

There is also SMS service where you can type in “Search person-name.”  For example -search Mukesh. And then send to the number 9 77 33 00 000

Dead bodies are now coming through the water of Ganga River in Rishikesh and Haridwar. One can contact the official or Police about their whereabouts and identification.

Although you can use helpline numbers given in below link for more help. Though they might be doing their best but even then they may not be in position to tell the exact and required information.

Check the BSNL service to find peoples through locating their mobile number of trapped persons at various places.

One advise to the peoples is that don’t try to visit those places in hurry through land route (still broken at many places) for any reason (even for searching you relatives) at this time as you may risk your own life and also hamper the rescue operation.

I am still thinking in such situation how “Google Map” and direction services can be helpful and for whom?

We will paste any such information if we could get.

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