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Latest news on RMSA and SSA vacancies in Uttarakhand 2013: when and where the vacancies have appeared?

So you may have seen some ad and news related to RMSA or SSA in the newspapers and we could see peoples flocking to the earlier posts or articles that have description of the previous advertisements and news on Rashtriya Madhyamik Siksha Abhhiyan (RMSA) and Sarva Siksha Abhiyan (SSA) on our website

But as far as appointments in the both the schemes are concerned there is nothing so far!
Having said that one caution is that - like in the earlier instance the vacancies of the RMSA were being filled from back door without proper advertisements in the newspapers, so that can happen this time also. So you will have to be aware of this.

Newspapers have said that vacancies are likely to be filled in this month of August.
But so far we could see only the ads or tenders (which most of the peoples wrongly took as the ad for placements in the RMSA or SSA) for the outsourcing agencies (the firm which is going to fill the vacancies in those schemes of the central government for the improvement of the standard of the education).

However to be on a safer side you can check with your District Education Office (DEO).
DEO (Madhyamik) will be looking after the case of RMSA and DEO (Basic) will be the authority for the SSA.
These vacancies or the temporary jobs of teachers, Lab technicians, CRC, BRC etc. in the state government schools will perhaps appear separately and district wise.

So be in touch and we will inform you as far as we can know.

If someone of you have visited those offices or have any other information regarding these RMSA and SSA jobs in Uttarakhand please post your comment for all.

Your comments are welcome.

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