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3-Answer keys of UTET-2013

Following are the expected answers of the UTET 2013 held 12th November 2013.

Given below are the answers to the set-w of the UTET-II

Social studies

91-Lothal was….
(a) A center for business and dock in Harappa civilization

92- Who wrote panchsidhantika?
(d) Varahmihir

93- Which….Asia and Europe?
(c) Istanbul

94- Which..language…note?

95- Population of Uttarakhand 2011
(c) 10116752

96- What…question hour…
(c) Both of this type

97- Which ..Revenue system..Lord Cornwallis
(a) Ryotwari

98-When it …standard time…England…
(a) or (d)

99- Nainital lake in Skand Puran..
(a) Saptarishi Sarovar

100-The folk song of UK…

101- What was function of Diwan-e-tan…Mughal admin…?

102- The war of Khanwa..
(a) Babar and Rana Sanga

103- Imperial bank…
(d) SBI

104- In..Residential school…ST only
(c ) Kasturba Gandhi…

105- After Samudragupta,…..title…

106- In whose rule..Land revenue calculation…per Biswa.
(a) Allauddin Khilji

107- Characteristic of ideal lesson plan
(d) All of the above

108- Durand Cup
(c) Football

109- Article of RTI 2005….
(a) 6(1)
A person, who desires to obtain any information under this Act, shall make a request in writing or through electronic means in English or Hindi or in the official language of the area in which the application is being made, accompanying such fee as may be prescribed…..

110- Which …not provided on RTE
(c) Employment Guarantee…

111- Konkani is main language..
(c) Goa

112- Approach paper of NCTE…not in…

113- HQ of WTO
(c) Geneva

114- How much ….first finance commission..

115- What….conducive environment…
(d) All of the above

116- During…social science..not be observed..
(C) or (d)

117- Neeru Meeru programme..
(b) Andhara Pradesh
A water conservation program

118- The country..Cent percent…cities..
(b) Singapore

119- What is the direction …monsoon …?
(b) From north east to south west

120- When day….sunrays..straight…
(b) Equator

121- Sun Temple in Uttarakhand.
(d) Katarmal Almora

122- Standard time meridian of India..
(a) 84 degree 30 min east

123- Brahmaputra…in china
(c ) Sangpo

124- Sardar Sarovar Dam…
(c) Narmada River

125- Back to Vedas….
(c) Dayanand Saraswati

126- The influence..gandhar style…
(c) Roman

127- The Khajuraho temple..Dynasty..
( c) Chandela

128- Iltutmish..Dynasty..

129- The Satyameva Jayete….
(c) Mundak Upnishad

130- Founder of Satyashodhak samaj was
(c) Jyotiba Phule

131- Who among…participate…parliament….without..
(b) Attorney General

132- Under which amendment….socialist and secular…constitution..
(a) 42nd Amendment

133- In which case supreme court….constitution

134- Under which article….president rule…any state.
( c) Article 356

135- Consumer Protection Act..
(c) 1986

136- Not a member of ASEAN
(c ) South Korea

137- Emerging industry in word economy
(c) Information Technology

138-Swarnim Chaturbhuj…
(b) National Highway Project

139- The part of Project work are
(c )

140- What…develop creativity..
(d) Give innovative work…

141- The aim of social Science teacher….
(d) All of the above

142- to ..promote..Socially ignored…
(d) Ask to…

143- The social science teacher should give the students
(d) All of the above….

144- The land surrounded…three sides..sea.
(c ) Peninsula  
Like Indian Peninsula or Korean peninsula

145- Abolition of untouchability ..
(b) Article 17

146- Which…not a MNC?
(c ) Asian Paints

147- ISI mark…
(a) Quality of goods

148- In which…sugarcane..
(a) Brazil or (b) India

149- In which city..1893 Swami Vivekananda…
(b) Chicago

150- The function of Ozone layer..
(d) To stop the UV rays..

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