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Answer keys of UTET-2013

New- Check this to download the official answer keys of UTET-2013

Following are the expected answers of the UTET 2013 held 12th November 2013.

Given below are the answers to the set-Z of the UTET-II

Child development and pedagogy

1- How….seating arrangement?
(a) It should be according to the activities being conducted in the classroom.

2- Interpersonal intelligence
(c) Skill to understand different people
(d) Skill to communicate with other

Hint- check Gardner multiple intelligence theory

3- Role of teacher
(c) Friend or (b) facilitator

4- In your class……
(d) Take help of fast learner…

5- In view of teaching learning process a good teacher is who
(d) Thinks that talking can be used as learning resources

6- Children…..right to education …

7- Match the following
Unifactor- Binet
Multifactor theory- Thorndike
Group factor- Thurstone
Three dimensional- Guilford

8- If a child…… do?
(c) Try to find out the reason…

9- Continuous and comprehensive…..means
(b) To assess scholastic and co-scholastic areas regularly..

10- What is not……child centered education?
(a) Assigning Homework

11- Project method
( c ) Kilpatrick

12- Three ….evaluation..
(a) Learning…..

13- The classroom …..
(d) Friendly

14- Hardware approach is based on..
(d) Instruction

15- What type of…
(a) Adjustment with physical and mental changes

16- What type of question…..
(b) Objective and subjective

17- There are…..creates

18- While…..disinterest..
(d) Try to find out the reason

19- Achievement Quotient

20- At the upper …..Action research
(a) Develop ability …..Skill of improvement

21- Hunger and thirst are
(b) Innate motive

22- Classroom communication…
(b) or (d)

23- If a child…
(d) Talk to…

24- Which approach….context?
(b) Constructivist

25- What is…lacking…teacher..?

26- The gifted child…
(a) Terman and Oden

27- During… them
(b) Continuously….

28- If there is learning disabled…….
(b) Try to find….

29- Which statement …NCF 2005..?

30-For the language development….
(d) all of the above

 Your comments are welcome. And you can suggest any change in the above answer with logical proof.

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