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Result and score card of UTET-I and UTET-II for 2013 and chances of Vishist BTC 2014

Well now the government has declared the UTET-2013 result and perhaps has moved forward to give one last chance to the B.Ed qualified candidates to become primary teacher in the election year.

Click here to download your score card for UTET-2013 for both UTET-I and UTET-II

To recall the situation, after March 2014 (this date was extended by NCTE) to become a primary teacher (1-5 class) one has to go through the BTC training course or DElEd.
Special BTC or Vishist BTC as the name suggest was a gateway through which B.Ed. degree holders could be selected for the primary teacher positions after going through a 6 months crash training course in DIETs.

As the B.Ed. degree holders and UTET-I qualified had been doing their bit to put pressure on the government; government tried to give little relief with this news of result. But they should not settle down till the appointments.

But what is more important is the notification of the vacancies of the primary teacher and that is in sufficient numbers and before the 10th February 2014 (as the dates of the Panchayat election in the state have been declared and by this date perhaps there would be election code of conduct in effect banning any kind of such notification).

The inefficient machinery may also make this matter go in the same way as most of the cases. As from our previous post you can see what happened to the VBTC 2011.

The issue may be stretched till or beyond lok Sahba election due in or around May 2014. But the vacancy notification must come before 31st March 2014.

Well to be frank no one cares for the youths but as the circumstance are not in favor of the present party (perhaps for the better of country and its peoples) and given the political changes in the country, a lot of electioneering is due  so they might have to act for their own sake.
Peoples are also waiting for the LT and lectures vacancies.
Some unconfirmed reports says that the proposals are already waiting but the will power and efficiency of the government is doubtful as always been. What is your opinion?

Be in touch for updates on this topic.

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