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Contractual LT and Lecturer grade teacher jobs in Uttarakhand government schools 2014

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First of all sorry for not giving enough time to this but your comments motivate me to write something useful.
As I said in earlier post that the government is afflicted with the 'adhocism' simply 'kamchalao'  However something is better than nothing.
Latest show of this mentality is the news that Uttarakhand govt. is going to fill the vacant LT grade teacher vacancies and even the lecturer grade vacancies in various govt. Schools with ad hoc contractual teachers.
Total of these vacancies comes out to be more than 8500. Ah means this many vacancies can be filled. But earlier they were saying that the vacant posts data is overstated! How then this much? Perhaps this include the future shortage too.
In short when permanent jobs are to be given then vacancies, rules and money are all not enough but when contractual posts are to be filled suddenly the vacancy data overshoot? Got, what I said?
Under pressure from the BEd trained peoples (who have pestered them always to the limit of making them insensitive), lack of fund (and/or misuse of fund) and impending retirement of many teachers in the coming years, govt has rather found a short cut to mitigate many sections. One arrow and many targets at a time. Wow.
Though not a bad idea, looking at the pathetic conditions of govt run schools, and army of BEd trained unemployed teachers.
But let me tell you the catch here, though the contractual posts of teacher are supposed to be for the period permanent posts are not filled, the fact is they may then do not think of recruiting permanent ones once it sets in the system. As you all know notification for  around 1200 post of lecturer in the inter colleges of Uttarakhand yet to come and LT recruitment exam date is not decided yet (Unofficial internal report says  that the UBTER  is not willing to conduct this exam). It may hang on for more time if contractual teacher system gets going.
So from the point of view of  those waiting for LT and lecturer, its going to be a 'Lollypop'.
Hope this assertion is wrong and nothing of that sort happen. But the chances are high. And we are sure that this process will also be marred by controversies.
As per the reports of various newspaper,  the process of recruitment of the contractual teachers in the GIC or Junior High Schools will be governed and regulated by a committee of six members headed by the respective DMs of each district.
The total salary/emolument will not exceed 10000 per month. Payment will be on period basis.
Visit again for more inputs on this topics and do tell us what you think through your comments below regarding what has been mentioned here. Your input matters a lot.

Click here to visit the new information about the visiting teacher recruitment 2015

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