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L.T. result Uttarakhand 2010-2011

As far as Uttarakhand L.T. recruitment exam 2010-2011 result is concerned, let me tell you that there is no official declaration of the result till date (April 23, 2011).
Some unconfirmed reports say that you can see the declared result of the L.T. exam Uttarakhand somewhere in the month of June. However this is just out of the grapevine.
But rest assured that the work is going on there.
Various Government teachers are officially working on various issues related the Uttarakhand L.T. exam e.g. counting of marks, verifications etc.
One thing that I want to make clear is that the Answer keys/sheet of the  L.T. exam Uttarakhand 2010-2011 are being revised on basis of the various complaints of wrong answers given in the previous  answer sheet/ answer keys Uttarakhand L.T. exam 2010-2011.
So if you are trying to check your answers through the link (Answer keys/sheet of the L.T. exam Uttarakhand 2010-2011)   that I have given in this blog in some previous posts, that link might not work or you will see the message that the answer keys have been removed for rechecking.
As soon as the revised or rechecked answer keys of the L.T. exams are out I will make them available for you.  If you have any information in this regard, your comments are welcome.

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