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Read new issues regarding the LT waiting list (update of 23rd November, 2011)

 final LT merit has been declared (as per newspaper reports) and as it will be available on the web you can see that here or in some new article.

Check new article on LT appointment merit list  

So we thought that this time it will be all final. But if you are following this blog or newspapers and if you have friends concerned with LT Recruitment in Uttarakhand 2010-11. You can easily feel that the new result is going to be dragged further or may languish in court because of the anomalies or the lack of sincerity with which it has been prepared.
There seems signs of nepotism and wrong doing in this result. Some are bizarre ones-
For examples-
 Someone having total marks 154 ( approx) has been left out of the final merit of LT as declared on 24th August, 2011 while the final cut-off marks was 150( approx)
Cases are there where persons having low total marks as compared to other who have high total are included in the merit list. 
And the two candidates are having same marks and one of them is in the final LT merit and other is left out!
How come this happened? What criteria they used for the exclusion of that candidate.
  I don’t know whether it was a technical mistake or THE usual case of rampant corruption and wrong doing in government sector for which respected ANAA HAJARE is trying his bit of effort.
Generally new LT merit of various subject has gone down for example in ‘science’ earlier it was around 155 ( approx. for general)  and now it is 153 ( approx). But some subjects it has been a drastic change. Take the case of Hindi earlier it was 171 now it is around 161. The gap of 10 marks!
English merit also has a gap of 9 marks.
There are other such cases too. Moreover unconfirmed reports say that the complaints and application (PRATYAVEDANS) that were submitted after the first LT result were not properly addressed. Then how these heavy changes have been made?
However as per my knowledge final LT merit of ‘Samanya’ subject has gone up by two points for general category.

Art subject candidates may still not be getting there appointment (in case this result is accepted) as someone has files a suit in Nainital High Court regarding the eligibility criteria. And Court has stayed the appointment for this category.

.Uttarakhand Board of Technical Education (UBTER) is shirking away the responsibility by saying that they have published the result after getting it approved by the Uttarakhand Government education department (siksha Nideshalaya).
Candidates may be complaining further to the education department.

What you peoples have to say? Do tell us what is your opinion or genuine instances.

For final result of LT or the Final LT Merit list or cut-off marks of LT result in Uttarakhand please click here.
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                                                                                                                  As told to you by- Brij Mohan

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