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How to open PDF files of FINAL LT RESULT IN Uttarakhand, LT Result PDF FILE is not opening what should I do? TRICK TO OPEN LARGE PDF FILE IN SLOW INTERNET CONNECTION

Well, in the FINAL LT MERIT LIST the first file is around 60 pages. So it may take time to load. You will have to keep your cool if you are using a slow or dial-up connection to open this file.
You are advised to check through a good broadband connection. Or you can visit the page at some non official hours say early morning or late night.

However one trick I used to open this PDF FILE OF FINAL LT RESULT . You can also try this for a slow connection.

Just click on the link and don’t rush down the file, it would show the corrupt PDF FILE message.

Check in the middle upper part of the file – decrease the percentage viewing from 200% to lower say 50%.
 And then slowly drag page by page. Wait until each page opens in front of you. Don’t drag the mouse fast.

Check for your subject each time by opening that main subject page and increase viewing to say 100%.

Each subject has fixed pages for the result.  Which you can see   below the page- drag the page while looking at the page number in the below left corner of the PDF FILE (while viewing percentage is low i.e. 50%) When your required subject comes increase the viewing percentage to suit your need.
All that has to be done slowly and you may need to reload in between the process. But the trick is working.
Try this.
If you have tried something else you can share with us.
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