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9th November was 11th birthday of Uttarakhand- so what it means to us? Some issues we need to look at and future prospects

Frankly speaking I don’t remembered this day unless I read a sad story of Haridwar stampede and gloomy picture of development, corruption etc. in 11 years of Uttarakhand by “Vijay Tripathi” in “Amar Ujala”.
And read about of UPA chairman Sonia Gandhi visiting ‘Gauchar’ to lay foundation of much ambitious rail line project between Rishikesh to Karanprayag with other related political drama in the election season to be played at the cost of nuisance to common public in form of road Jam etc.
(But I also tried to remember it from exam point of view, it can a good question for upcoming exams for you! jokes apart!)
However if the rail link materializes on time it will surely be a not just good but excellent step in the development of our state. In fact it is one of three basic requirement of development among electricity, water supply and roads (Bijli, Pani, Sadak).
And peoples might also refrain from migrating to lower areas. (I read that 1174 rajaswa gram or villages are now officially without “villagers”).

Had British stayed a bit longer they would have given it to us way back before our independence. Isn’t it?
So how you recalled this day? Anyone genuinely remembered it?

After reading that article I felt that there is always counterpoint to any view. As said by Mr. “Vijay Trpatihi”, development in our state lagged behind. No doubt. There is always scope of more development, but if we compare it with some other states, our report card would be slightly better, I bet.

On other side If I see other states that came up along with Uttarakhand or M.P. or U.P. (our nearest neighbor), I don’t know about the government statistics, but on ground level see the roads, standard of living of common peoples, corruption,  condition of electricity supply, hooliganism by politician etc. in U.P.

There are some good things here to look at: likes of Lokayukt bill (let us hope it will trap some big fishes after the elections are over), Right to Service Act (operational from today), Special Court Act, Land purchase ceiling act etc.
Well even if they are all coming in the election time but they would make some impact in the time to come for the good of our state peoples. Amen.

We can boast of some good educational institutes, comparatively better roads, tourism development, and Industrial development zones in Haridwar, Pantnagar, and kashipur other developments. Peoples can be seen eking out their living by working in those industrial units.

I find young guys and girls appointed as Policemen, Government teacher, Lecturers etc.

So should we eulogize the governments?

No, this is not the question here. I always strive to see things from many angles and believe that good things which are already rare need to be equally praised with same vigor as we criticize bad things. Don’t you agree?

Well, it is eye opener that in 64 years of independence and 11 years of separate state (ironically imbalanced development and backwardness was one of reason for Uttarakhand formation), we could have done much better.

On ground level we have problems of frequent Landslide (situations become dangerous during the rainy season), dilapidated crossroads to reach remote villages. Near China border we need to travel at least 70 K.M. before we get well built roads on our side. However the clever and cunning China has provided wide roads just near to the border line. Peoples have to risk their lives when crossing waterfall or rivers through makeshift bridges to reach their places.

My one friend who is also Lecturer in inter college near Pauri also complains of risking their lives when crossing a small river during rainy season.
Rolling up their pants, sometime taking out their shirts (to maintain their crease), putting shoes and other belongings in their bags like other school children (yes, I am not joking here) just imagine when peoples see “guruji” in that condition and moving through a rope bridge like doing some sort of adventure sports and then walking a long distance to reach up to the school.

This is the condition of a place just 4 hours distance from Rishikesh. Just think of life of the peoples of interiors of Chamoli, Bageshwar, Champawat, Pithoragarh, and Uttarkashi etc.

Unemployment has been an ever growing problem with insensitive and narrow minded government policies and sluggishness of bureaucracy along with rampant corruption.

Lack of entrepreneurship on part of hill peoples (yes, I strongly feel this is also playing its part with lot of emphasis on getting sarkari naukari than other means of employment) and lack of small scale industries (with little scope, barring in some places, of large scale industries in the hill areas) are also factors creating the army of degree holder unemployed youths or more technically “white collar unemployment”.

Lots of costly forms need to be filled for the various exams and there is intense competition for few seats (generally as seen in the recent times that few vacancies are published while lots of them are kept under wrap). Moreover Government just rub salt on the wound by increasing the price of forms. Read more by clicking here..

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