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Part-2: 9th November was 11th birthday of Uttarakhand- so what it means to us? Some issues we need to look at and future prospects

Just see the recent examples.  UTET form cost almost INR 700. And result is still awaited and hope of Vishist BTC is in lurch due to this or that reason (please read other posts regarding UTET, Samuh-g etc)

 Samuh-g has cut a huge hole in the pocket of unemployed youths. But there is no surety as of now that after the exam they will give the appointments. No one cared for the cancelled Patwari exam. Where has gone the money collected from the peoples?

After controversial LT appointments, dangling “carrot of 25% increase in the post”, many candidates getting out of the current appointment list due to various reasons, coming elections they are eagerly looking for the ‘waiting list’.
But once some peoples get appointment they want to get posted at right places or so.
I leaned that 109 recently appointed lecturers haven’t joined till last of October.
Can someone tell us what happened to them?

Lots of private B.Ed. colleges have just made things more complex.

Thus numerous other factors associated with the unemployed youths and common man which make peoples just keep their finger crossed allow politician to play their game and also
Keep peoples like us at and other website always busy!

Of late I have heard peoples talking about noticeable “welcome greenery on mountains”, less jungle fire destruction but it might be more like nature playing bigger role than the government policies!
Interests of Elephants, tigers, Bears etc. have frequently clashed with the interest of the local peoples. For drinking water, natural springs or some local made arrangement are still the sources. Doctors, teachers, and other such gentlemen are not willing to go to the remote area, hampering the crucial medical and educational support system (which are already bare minimum, always been like drop in ocean in remote areas) required for any growth and development. AIIMS is also going to be near planes (Rishikesh) not in hills. Pathetic condition of electricity supply in the remote hill regions need to be improved. Tourism industry needs to be tapped efficiently for the benefit of the state.

Strikes and rallies are now routines.
These instruments were not so popular earlier as they are now or were they?
And the politicians and the bureaucrats are also becoming used to it. Unhealthy trend,
Indeed. But how else they can make them work properly?

Corruption had been there previously and, I don’t want to say, but may seems to be remaining there for time to come.
Peoples have raised doubts about the integrity of high profile peoples like previous C.M. and current Chief Secretary of the state.

As corruption is at every level and corrupt peoples are not aliens, they are peoples around us. Some are well known others not so well known until news of CBI raid etc. flashes in newspapers or you willingly or unwillingly meet them in some offices.

What we should do is to bring down to some lower level by hook and crook.
And for any such initiative common person among us has to be pro-active.

So have you ever asked your Gram Pradhan about the empty gram panchayat land sold for commercial purpose? Or at least ever took pain to ask about the government schemes running out there? What happened to Govt. grants came for that road in your area?
Actually most of us just talk or criticize point finger, like I may seem to be doing here, but seldom take at least some measures.

How often you have used the RTI? It may not make a good difference but what is the harm in doing it? So now how can we eradicate corruption?

We hear of Deccan Airways flight from Dehradun to Pantnagar. Ok. What it really means to our ‘Bada’ and ‘Badi’ (names given to good old peoples) living hard life in villages? But If I go by my own experience and observation barring few most of the oldies are more or less accustomed with that life style.
However ask them and they will tell you real changes, good or bad, that have taken place in these years, for sure.

 We, so called new generation, can’t think of without internet, Bikes, Cars, mobiles, different foods (have you heard about Jhangora, patyur, tairu, timil, Bedu etc) just ask your grandma or grandpa or seniors how they used to manage lifes in villages).

Most of you peoples or your near and dear ones will tell you the real story as new generation either living in Noida, Chandigarh, Gurgaon, Delhi, Dehradun, Rishikesh, etc. or some more ambitious ones living abroad are mostly oblivious of the real life of the Pahad.
If you ask me personally I have seldom been to the dingy corner areas, but wherever I went I always liked the peace and serenity, the ‘slow’ (if compared with fast Metro city life), “without much distractions” (without horns of vehicles, Internet, Mobile signal!) kind of life out there.
And always wondered how our previous generation lived out there without lack of today’s basic amenities. How I can make a difference to the lives of peoples living there?
There can be lot to say with facts and figures but there are constraints.
What you feel?  Comment it.

Note- views expressed here are personal and there is always scope of counter view.

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