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3- Question paper and answer key- combined state civil/upper subordinate service (pre) exam-2010 by UKPSC, Haridwar, Uttarakhand PSC exam general studies questions with answers

Updated on 19th February, 2012-UKPCS combined Civil services pre exam 2010 (Upper Subordinate) official answer keys have been declared but again with some mistakes. Click here to check the officially declared answer keys of different subjects

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Note- you can suggest the answers to other questions and also modifications (with some evidences) in the answers if needed. And visit again for the missing answers in the three pages

102- Bombay was taken over by the English East India Company from
Ans: (d) Portuguese

103- Abnormal level of cholesterol is associated with
Ans: (a) Hardening of arteries

104- The joint session of both houses of parliament is presided over by
Ans: (c) speaker of Lok Sabha

105- Ranbir Singh Bisht is related to
Ans: (b) Painting. He was awarded Padma Vibhushan in 1999

106- The first political organization established in India in 1838 was known as
Ans: (d) Zamindari Association

107- The first railway line in India was started in the year
Ans: (a) 1853

108- The battle field of Plassey is situated in
Ans: (d) West Bengal, it is small village between Calcutta and Murshidabad

109- Which of the following is the oldest Vedas?
Ans: (c) Rig-Veda

110- In the third battle of Panipat Marathas were defeated by
Ans: (a) Afghans, Ahmad Shah Durrani of Afghanistan along with Rohillas and others defeated them on 14th January, 1761

111- The famous Historian who visited India with Mahmud Ghazni was
Ans: (b) Al-Beruni

112- Who was defeated in the battle of Khanva?
Ans: (c) Rana Sanga defeated by Babur in 1527AD

113- Mahatma Gandhi wrote his autobiography originally in
Ans: (c) Gujarati. Sathya Sodhini (The Story of My Experiment with Truth) was originally published in Gujarati and later on translated into English and other languages.

114- A visa is required for the Kailash Mansarovar Pilgrimage because it is located in
Ans: (b) Chinese Tibet

115- Where is Lothal situated?
Ans: (a) Gujarat

116- Right to property according to constitution of India is a
Ans: (c) Legal Right

117- Mana Pass is located in
Ans: (b) Uttarakhand

118- The rotation of crops is essential for
Ans: (c) Increasing the soil fertility

119- Influenza is caused by a
Ans: (a) Virus

120- Who among the following is known as Cleopatra of Hollywood (who died on March 23, 2011 at the age of 79?
Ans: (b) Elizabeth Taylor

121- In World Cup Cricket 2011 what was the highest score among all matches?
Ans: (d) 370 runs by India against Bangladesh in the Inaugural match

122- Who wrote the Book “a passage to India”?
Ans: (c) E.M. Forster

123- In which of the following film, A.R. Rahman gave outstanding sound track and song which enabled him to get two Grammy Awards in Los Angeles?
Ans: (b) Slumdog Millionaire

124- From which district of Uttarakhand “Chipko Movement” organized?
Ans: (a) Chamoli

125- Which of the following is not moderate?
Ans: (d) Bal Gangadhar Tilak

126- Which of the following actions is not related with the evaporation of sweat?
Ans: (b) Endothermic reaction, where heat is absorbed

127- For which branch of science UN has designated the year 2011?
Ans: (a) The International year of Chemistry

128- Moon is a
Ans: (c) Satellite

129- The study related to the plants being used as vegetables is called
Ans: (d) Olericulture

130- Enzyme is a
Ans: (c) Bio-catalyst

131- Which of the following is not an infectious disease?
Ans: (a) AIDS

132- Which of the following is not a genetic disorder?
Ans: (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

133- Which of the following is of organic origin?
Ans: (a) Coral

134- Which of the following country secured the highest number of gold medals in the medal tally of the Delhi Commonwealth Games 2010?
Ans: (c) Australia

135- Which gas is obtained from the plastic?
Ans: (d) polyethylene

136- Water soluble Vitamin is
Ans: (b) Vitamin C and Vitamin B
137- What rays of sunlight are mostly utilized by chlorophyll in the photosynthesis?
Ans: (a) Red

138- Combination of what substance in the alloy renders stainless steel non-magnetic?
Ans: (c) Nickel

139- Which of the following is not a chemical fertilizer?
Ans: (b) Sodium Phosphate is not used as a fertilizer but others are used as fertilizers

140- Montreal Protocol is related with the protection of
Ans: (c) Ozone layer

141- The venom of Cobra is
Ans: (a) Neurotoxin as it mostly affects the nervous system

142-In surgery, what is arthroplasty?
Ans: (b) Hip-Joint replacement

143- Which of the following is the most fragile ecosystem that will be first affected by global warming?
Ans: (a) Arctic and Greenland ice sheet

144- Which one of the following is the unit of the thickness of the ozone layer of the atmosphere?
Ans: (b) Dobson

145- The headquarter of National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI) is at
Ans: (c) Nagpur

146- Night Blindness is caused due to deficiency of
Ans: (a) Vitamin A

147- Which gas if filled in refrigerators?
Ans: (b) mafron

148- What is the color of the Black Box that is found in aircraft?
Ans: (a) Orange

149- The velocity of sound is maximum in
Ans: (b) metal

150- Which of the following is a biodegradable pollutant?
Ans: (d) Sewage

Important- We have taken due care in preparing these answers but we don’t claim any authenticity of the above answers so please check the official answer keys later. And if you want to suggest anything you are welcome.

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