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2- Question paper and answer key- combined state civil/upper subordinate service (pre) exam-2010 by UKPSC, Haridwar, Uttarakhand PSC exam general studies questions with answers

Page updated on 19th February, 2012
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55- The writer of the book “India’s second freedom” is
Ans: M.G. Devashrayam on contribution of Jai Prakash narayan in the emergency period in India
Check this- India's second freedom: an untold saga

56- For what is the Manas sanctuary in Assam known?
Ans: (b) Tigers, Established in 1923 as reserve forest then designated as tiger reserve in 1973. Named after Manas River (act as border between Bhutan and India) and situated in the foothills of Bhutan Himalayas it is also famous for golden leafy monkeys.

57- Most of the unemployment in India is
Ans: (d) structural

58- Four Mathas established by Adi Shankaracharya are
Ans: (a) Joshimath, Dwarka, Puri, Sringeri

59- The core concept of 11th five year plan is
Ans: (b) Growth with social justice and equality

60- What is ‘KAABA’?
Ans: (c) Muslim shrine

61- Unemployment problem leads to poverty because
Ans: (a) people living below poverty line increase.

62- The number of bones in the adult human body is
Ans: (c) 206

63- Who is credited with introducing the beans and potatoes in the Bhagirathi valley?
Ans: (a) Wilson
64- Which of these is not a dance of Uttarakhand?
Ans:  (c) Terahtali

65- Soje-e-vatan is book written by
Ans: (b) Premchand

66- The first ever summit meeting of ‘BRICS’ nations took places at
Ans: (c) Russia, Yekaterinburg in June 16, 2009

67- The UN Human Development Index has been developed by
Ans: (a) Mahboob-ul-Haq, a Pakistani Economist in 1990

68- The estimate of national income are prepared by
Ans: (d) Central Statistical Organization

69- ‘G-8 Mascoca initiative’ is concerned with
Ans: (b) Maternity and child health

70- When the Reserve Bank of India was established
Ans: (c) 1935

21- The one rupee note bears the signature of
Ans: (b) Secretary. Ministry of Finance

72- The red colored Human figures engraved in the Lakhuodyar near Almora belongs to
Ans: (c) Stone Age

73- The State who launched “Atal Khadyanna Yojna” is
Ans: (c) Uttarakhand

74- In which of the following seasons Christmas is celebrated in Australia?
Ans: (b) summer

75- The call for Quit India Movement was given in
Ans: (b) 1942

76- Jallianwala Bagh massacre took place in the city
Ans: (c) Amritsar

77- Which dynasty did not rule over the north India?
Ans: (a) Chalukyas

78- The Battle of HaldiGhati was fought in
Ans: (b) 1576AD

79- The revolutionary woman who led the revolution of 1857 in Oudh was
Ans: (d) Begam Hajrat Mahal

80- When did Mahatma Gandhi start fast unto death?
Ans: (a) At the time of communal award

81- What is Baku famous for?
Ans: (d) petroleum

82- The proof of burying the dog with the human body at which of the following place?
Ans: ()

83- The first Lokpal was presented in the parliament in
Ans: (c) 1968 and also passed by 4th Lok Sabha but it fell in Rajya Sabha  

84- Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru were sentenced to death in
 Ans: (b) Lahore conspiracy case

85- The Chief Election Commission of India is appointed by
Ans: (c) President

86- At the time of gaining Independence the President of Indian National Congress was
Ans: (a) J.B. Kriplani

87- Which extremist leader of the freedom movement was given 6 year jail Imprisonment in 1908?
Ans: (b) Bal Gangadhar Tilak was sent to mandlay Jail in earlier Burma

88- The most famous center of learning during Maurya period was
Ans: (a) Taxila

89- The Famous Buddhist scholar Ashwaghosh was contemporary of
Ans: (c) Kanishka. Under the influence of Ashwaghosh Kanishka embraced Buddhism. And is also Know as second Ashoka due to his patronization of many Buddhist scholars.

90- Which Viceroy was assassinated during his tenure?
Ans: (b) Lord Mayo

91- The Forest Research Institute is situated at
 Ans: (c) Dehradun

92- Which of the following is the latest country to reach an agreement on civil nuclear cooperation with India?
Ans: (a) Australia. Ruling party endorsed plan to sell uranium to India under a bilateral nuclear agreement in December, 2011 and
(b) Korea reached nuclear agreement with India around July. 2011

93- The famous cave temples of Elephanta are ascribed to
Ans: (a) Chalukyas or
(d) Rashtrakutas

94- What article of constitution provides the safeguard to person accused of crime against double jeopardy and self incrimination?
Ans: (d) Article 20

95- When was Bengal re-united?
Ans: (b) 1911

96- Who is the writer of “Humayun-Nama”?
Ans: (c) Gulbadan Begum, was sister of Humayun

97- 'Leelawati' a treatise on mathematics was written by
Ans: (d) Bhaskaracharya II

98- Which community is given nominated seat in the Uttarakhand Legislative Assembly?
Ans: (c) Anglo-Indian

99- Who was the founder of “Servants of India Society”?
Ans: (d) Gopal Krishna Gokhale on June 12 1905 in Pune

100- Which is the correct chronological sequence of the following events in the political life of MK Gandhi?
Ans: (b) 1,3,2,4 but
Note- (2) Ahmedabad mill strike and (3) Kheda Satyagraha took place in 1918 and (1) Champaran Satyagraha in 1919 and the (4) Non- Cooperation movement started in 1920

101- Muslim League passed the resolution demanding the partition of India in its session held at
Ans: (a) Lahore on March 23, 1940

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