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Elections 2012 for the State Legislative Assembly are over in Uttarakhand and Punjab What will be the judgment of the Uttarakhand public? What would be the result of the poll 2012 in Uttarakhand?

Today Uttarakhand registered more than 70% polling which is much better than the previous 58 %. Experts are pointing that voters have voted for a change.
In Punjab voter’s turnout is expected to be around 77% as against previous 75%.

Well coupled with the good weather condition which allowed the common man and woman of Uttarakhand to come out and vote and probably the “change” factor has played its role.

But whether the peoples of Uttarakhand have voted for sweeping change in favor or against for party/candidate as a whole or they have done it for or against the candidate of their respective constituencies yet to be seen.

One thing that crosses mind is that peoples can make all the difference if they want to. That is what democracy is all about.

Whoever wins or looses if peoples come out in large numbers and give their verdict, Probability Theory also points out that the final outcome would be at least tilted to a generalized viewpoint of the common public. And no one will point out the low turnout as the culprit affecting the poll result.

Analyst are saying that the wave can be benefiting the Congress Party in general and if it looses than they should be cursing the dissidents in their cadre who would have snatched substantial share of party votes.

The good turn out of the voter if goes in favor of BJP then it will be because of the “Khanduri” or “Khanduri Hai Jaroori” factor.

There can also be fragmented verdict of the so called “Janta Janardan”

Remember that the whole poll arithmetic may give a different picture when things are seen in their combined effect. So better to keep your finger crossed till the results of the Uttarakhand Assembly poll are declared in the first week of March, 2012.

What is your opinion? Share it with your comments.

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