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If you don’t want to caste your vote or don’t support any political party or candidate in the elections what you can do: a suggestion, an option Process of voting: how to reject candidates or political party?

In India Right to reject is yet to materializes but as a good informed and responsible citizen of a country or state in India what you can do is to at least use an option provided in the process of election.
Many might not be aware of this so we thought it to present before you which will help you at least doing part of your moral duty.

Consider the situation of the day of election in your state. Most of your friends and relatives would be etching to vote. And you are not willing to give vote to any candidate whether from BJP, Congress, BSP, UKD etc and you also don’t like any of the independent candidates standing there in the list of the candidates for the elections.

But you are willing to exercise the legal right given to you by the constitution of India,
In such case you can just visit the nearby Polling Booth of your area or territory (generally a school) and just carry your Voter ID card with you. Check your name in the register (17-A) or sign there. Generally this is the process of the voting. And tell the officer or the concerned person on duty there that you are not voting for any of the candidate.
And come out without pressing any button in the Electronic Voting Machine (EVM).

The polling officer there might ask you to write or put signature; just do those. Remember there is nothing serious therein and it is just a formality.
And legally speaking, no one can force you or caste vote on your behalf.

Through the above activity you have in a way rejected each candidate.
It might not make a big difference to the total ballot but you might feel a sense of fulfillment of your duty as an informed person of a society.

Try it if you want to.
Tell us your experience also.

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