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Question paper and answer key- combined state civil/upper subordinate service (pre) exam-2010 by UKPSC, Haridwar, Uttarakhand PSC exam general studies question paper with expected answers

Updated on 19th February, 2012-UKPCS combined Civil services pre exam 2010 (Upper Subordinate) official answer keys have been declared but again with some mistakes. Click here to check the official answer keys

Perhaps the Commission would have to revise the answer sheets before declaring the result of the UKPSC Civil service/Upper Subordinate Pre exam 2010.

You can also write to UKPSC regarding the errors in the answer keys read

We are giving you the questions asked in the general studies paper set A of Uttarakhand PCS civil services (pre) exam-2010 held on 8th January, 2012 and answers to those questions are also given below. But please check the answers in the official answer keys later. And just see if you can add some more answers or cross examine the answers given here with proof. This page will be updated as and when needed. So please check it again. There are also two other pages of this article (see the end of this page below).

1-Which was the principle plant used in green revolution?
Ans: (d) Mexican wheat

2- Which tribe of Uttarakhand practice transhumance?
Ans: (c) Bhotia

3- Jog fall is on river
Ans: (a) Sherawati River and it is 253 meters in height.

4- Number of union territories in India.
Ans: (b) 7

5-In India which of the following is not natural Harbour?
Ans: (d) Chennai

6- Where is black Pagoda?
Ans: (b) Konark sun temple is also named as black Pagoda.

7- The second largest island of the world after Greenland is
Ans: (d) New Guinea

8- The largest part of our hydrosphere is
Ans: (c) Pacific Ocean since it is the largest ocean

9- Ozone layer is situated in
Ans: (b) 90% of ozone layer is in stratosphere

10- Island between India and Sri Lanka
Ans: (c) Rameshwaram

11- Which of the following area of India does not comes under Zone of High seismic intensity?
Ans: (d) Karnataka Plateau

12- Which of the following is not included in the geographical group of countries known as OCEANIA?
Ans: (a) Indonesia

13- Which of the following is the largest producer/exporter of the castor oil seeds?
Ans: (b) India is largest exporter and the European Union countries are the largest importers.

14- Total length of the Equator is about
Ans: (c) 40075 km

15- Which of the following state has greatest Mica resources?
Ans: (a)

16- What are Kingi Bingri, Neeti, Shait-shail and Dharma of Uttarakhand?
Ans: (d) passes in the district of Pithoragarh.

17- The local time of a place is 6 AM when Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) is 3AM, what will be the longitude of the place?
Ans: (b) 45 degree east, 1 degree change in longitude is equal to 4 minute change in the time

18- Which one of the following is World Heritage in Uttarakhand?
Ans: (c) Nanda Devi Bio-sphere reserve

19- Which one is not part of great lakes?
Ans: (a) Bear

20- On which River Dulhasti Power station situated?
Ans: (c) Chenab, a 390 MW project in Jammu and Kashmir by NHPC.

21- Which District of Uttarakhand has the highest sex ratio according to 2011 census report?
Ans: (a) Almora has 1142 females per 1000 males

22- Under the Constitution of India organization of village Panchayat is a
Ans: (c) Directive Principles

23- The Altitude of the Shiwalik peaks falls in between
Ans: (a) 850-1200 Mts
Or (b) 750-1100 Mts

24- Through how many Indian states the Tropic of Cancer passes?
Ans: (b) 8, Gujrat, Rajasthan, MP, Chattisgarh, Bihar, WB, Tripura, Mijoram

25- Geometric mean can be used to find out

26- Two series having the same Mean, Median and Mode may

27- For group data the formulae for Median is based on

28- How many squares are there in the following figure?
Ans: (b) 5

29- One of the following is nor the characteristic of India agriculture
Ans: (d) predominance of large farms

30- What will be the length of the longest bamboo which can be put in a room of 12 meters length, 9 meters width and 8 meter height?

31- A clock is showing 8AM. How many degrees the hour hand will move by the time it shows 2 PM?
Ans: (a) 180 degree

32- A train covers 5km of its journey at a speed of 30 km/h and next 15 km at a speed of 45 km/h. The average speed of train was
Ans: (b) 40 KM/hour

33- The arithmetic mean (AM) of two numbers is 6.5 and the geometric mean is 6. The two numbers are
Ans: (d) 4, 9

34-Which Parliamentary committee scrutinizes the report of Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG)?
Ans: (d) Standing committee

35- Which is the missing fraction in the following series?
Ans: (b) 19/42

36- Which of the following is not the direct tax in India?
Ans: (d) sales tax is kind of indirect tax

37- EXIM bank was set up in the year
Ans: (b) 1982

38- “Integrated child development services” scheme was started in
Ans: (c) 1975

39- First Finance Minister of Independent India was
Ans: R.K. Shanmukham chetty and John Mathai was finance Minister from 1949-1951

40- Central issue of the Doha round of talks of the WTO was
Ans: (a) issue related to agriculture

41-In which state the Buddhist Toba Monastery located?
Ans: (b) spiti Valley of Himachal Pradesh

42- The Somnath (Masi) fair is joyfully celebrated in the
Ans: (a) Uttarakhand, Shiva temple near Almora

43- Which ancient Indian book has been translated into 15 Indian and 4 foreign languages?
Ans: (b) Panchtantra

44- Which is the most common input device used today?
Ans: (c) Keyboard

45- A speedometer of a car represents
Ans: ()

46- A network of networks simply called
Ans: (d) internet

47- Which Industry is primary user of MICR or Magnetic Ink Character Reader?
Ans: (b) Banks, used at bottom of cheque etc.

48- The name of Indian supercomputer is
Ans: (b) Param

49- IC chips of computers are usually made up of
Ans: (c) Silicon

50- Net National Product (NNP) and Gross National Product (GNP)
Ans: (d) are different
Or (a) measure the value of National production

Note- GNP= NNP- depreciation of fixed capital

51- In the website of organization “.com’ indicates
Ans: (d) commercial

52- City of Japan recently hit by the Tsunami and Nuclear Radiation
Ans: (c) Fukushima

53- Match the following:
Ans: (d) correct match is
MK Gandhi- Dandi
Jawaharlal Nehru- Purn swaraj
Abdul Gaffar Khan- red shirt movement
Vallabh Patel- Bardoli

54- Newspaper started by Lokmanya Tilak
Ans: (b) Kesari

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