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Intermediate or 12th Board Exam 2012 Time Table and date sheet by Uttarakhand VIdhyaleye Siksha Parishad, Ramnagar (Nainital)

New update- Check the result of the UK board Intermediate exam 2012

Following is the official Schedule of the Uttarakhand Board Exam 2012

Date and day
Subjects in the UK Board 12th Exam 2012
12th March, Monday
10 am-1pm
Military Sciences
Computer Sciences
13th March, Tuesday
10 am-1pm
Agriculture Hindi (for Agriculture Part-II)
14th March, Wednesday
10 am-1pm
Drawing and Painting
15th march, Thursday
10 am-1pm
Geography, Math, Geology,  Krishi Shashya Vigyan Paper-I (for Agriculture Part-I)
Krishi Shashya Vigyan Paper-8 (for Agriculture Part-II)

17th March, Saturday
10 am-1pm
Political Sciences,  Lekha Shastra, Krishi Vanaspati Vigyan paper-II(for Agriculture Part-I)
, Krishi Arthshastra  paper-7 (for Agriculture Part-II)

19th March, Monday
10 am-1pm
Psychology, Education, Logic, Physics, Krishi Bhautiki and Jalwayu Vigyan paper-3 (for Agriculture Part-I)

Krishi Jsntu Vigyan paper-8 (for Agriculture Part-II)

20th March, Tuesday
10 am-1pm
21st March, Wednesday
10 am-1pm
Hindustani Sangeet (Gayan)
Hindustani Sangeet (Parksan vadan)
Hindustani Sangeet (Melodic vadan)

Krishi abhiyantran paper-4 (for Agriculture Part-I)
Krishi pashupalan awam pashu chikitsa vigayan paper-9(for Agriculture Part-II)

22nd March, Thursday
10 am-1pm
History, Chemistry, Agricultural Math, Statistics paper-5 (for Agriculture Part-I)
Agricultural Chemistry paper-10 (for Agriculture Part-II)

24th March, Saturday
10 am-1pm
26th March, Monday
10 am-1pm
Urdu, Punjabi
27th March, Tuesday
10 am-1pm
28th March, Wednesday
10 am-1pm
Sociology, Biology
29th March, Thursday
10 am-1pm
Home Science
30th March, Friday
10 am- 1pm

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