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Latest news and views on Vishist BTC 2011-12 in Uttarakhand: Nainital High Court Decisions and other issues

As the previous article has gone bit longer, so we decided to put new information regarding the Vishist BTC (VBTC) or the process of recruitment of 2253 primary teachers in Uttarakhand in this article.

If you want to get informed about the whole matter please go through the previous UTET-1 related articles and then read the Part-1 of this post and the valuable comments of our visitors on Vishist or special BTC process in UK.

What the matter is all about- Let us recall that the candidates who have qualified
(around 15000) the Uttarakhand Teacher Eligibility Test (UTET-1) in or Central Teacher Eligibility test in 2011 were called in to apply for the “been forced to declare by the state government” posts of  just 2253 teacher in the government primary schools of Uttarakhand. Well the lazy and may be too clever government machinery played it smart and came out with the posts just in the last moments of the elections in the state (may be deliberately, to appease each faction with the clashing motives) enough to give the momentary relief to the unemployed youths. But then some candidates mostly who haven’t cleared the above UTET-1 or CTET and some regular BTC candidates due to their confusion or insecurity and some other peoples with their personal vendetta went to the court and the process was stalled.

As far as the latest information from the Nainital High Court is concerned the hearing is fixed for tomorrow i.e. 22nd Feb, 2012 under a new Judge.
So friends today’s (22nd Feb, 2012) update is that court has delayed the process for perhaps another two weeks.
Today’s (13th March) update says that the matter is further extended for another two weeks.
Well that was bit anticipated. Process may go on till the formation of new government.
If any information comes in between this we will put that here.

23rd March, 2012- Friends reports are there that Court has directed the Education Secretary and the Director to file their views on the 346 various writs that are related to VBTC and UTET. And perhaps 29th is the new date of hearing.
But some source has confirmed that the Judge hearing this case will be busy in some family affair so the date may be extended further.
Well not good news for those 15000 candidates. But what is surprising is the number of writs that are there.

28th March, 2012- 9th April might be the new date. But what is coming out from there is that some candidates based on the information gained through RTI from the education directorate, are planning to challenge the inclusion of the regular BTC candidates within this recruitment process without TET. They want that all post should be reserved for the TET passed candidates.

10th April, 2012- wait for another week and perhaps another week after that also. That is Indian system.
And highlighting the slackness or inaptitude or whatever it is of the Uttarakhand government, one newspaper reports that in the state of Assam, Manipur and Chattisgarh B.Ed. candidates are eligible for the basic school teaching up to 2014. These state had already taken permission regarding that before the expiry of provision (B.Ed. candidates are not eligible to become a primary school teacher)
on 31st December, 2011. Our government talks of writing it to NCTE but result is in front of you.

19th April, 2012- The proceeding has been adjourned till Tuesday, 24th April.

24th April, 2012- The proceeding has been adjourned till 2nd May, 2012. In spite of the promises or declaration made by Mr. Naithani, this adjournment came into effect due to the advocate representing the state Government.

2nd May, 2012- Today after a long wait the maximum part of the case was heard by the judge but the final hearing and the judgment may come up tomorrow. And some positive sign are there for the Vishist BTC or UTET-1 candidates. Perhaps tomorrow we will post some part of it.
One point that come to our notice through the comments posted below by the respected visitors that some candidates trying to go for the agitation. But are they agitating against the court? against the state Government? And will it be fruitful? Unless and until the matter is in court Government would not be doing anything or in fact cannot do anything reasonable. Just try to ensure that the matter is not get prolonged due to the state government or any small vested interests of very few peoples. What can be done at this moment is to get the matter out of court and then pressure the government (or to be more precise put pressure on Naithaniji who has hinted toward increasing the posts earlier also) for increasing the seats of the VBTC. However there is no harm in a previous meeting at certain place to have a proper strategy before taking any action.
What is your opinion regarding this view?

3rd May, 2012- Those waiting for the decision of the Naitital High Court regarding the UTET-1 or the VBTC might have…….click to go to the new information

Please visit new page link given for the new article related to this topic.

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