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Formation of new government after final Results of the Assembly polls 2012 in Uttarakhand and other states and their implications

At this platform we don’t want to involve ourselves in the analysis of political system. But irony is that we are the part of it even if we deny it. We will praise it or criticize the system but it seems difficult to ignore it out rightly. Am I right?
And when the events turn into spectacular game, it becomes interesting. The real picture of the Uttarakhand Election result came out very late in the evening and it was neck to neck battle. Politics when seen from one angle is number game. BJP got 31 and Congress Party got 32 seats in the end and the suddenly the independents and the BSP became important in the formation of government. Inner calculations started to get the required 36 out of 70 seats for a government. But will such government last for the full five year? It remains to be seen.

Politics is nowadays is more of business of the scrupulous elements. Ask khanduriji and he will tell you that some other tactics are necessary to win in the election rather than clean image and support of the masses. He might have sacrificed himself at the altar of Party politics. That’s Politics!

Poor Mr. Prakash Pant (I have heard of this silent politician with kind of clean image), who was also chosen best MLA.
But the “best among MLAs” lost by more than 10000 votes! Phew. Cost of clean image or something else? Perhaps someone from that territory or constituency will reveal the real picture.

Now talking about the respected Education Minister of Uttarakhand, Statistics will tell you that State Education Minister has never won in Uttarakhand. Take the case of 2002, 2007 and even in 2012.
Perhaps Mr. M.S. Kandari would be regretting the decisions taken for the educated youths in his tenure. But read the comments under the VBTC articles in this website and you will see how relieved peoples are with his ouster.
Or the frequent crocodile tears of Mr. Harak Singh Rawat during the election campaign played the real game?

However if you go by the triumph of the one of the previous CM, he will tell you how to win in the elections in spite of the deeds or misdeeds, allegations etc. and when experts were saying that the BJP government couldn’t have manage this much of seats without Mr. Khanduri, he was telling one newspaper that “had he been the Chief Minister, he would have got 40 seats for the party”. Well after all he was selected by public and that might have raised his confidence. Mistake can happen! And money matters?

And sorry for what happened to the regional party like Uttarakhand Kranti Dal (UKD) and the Uttarakhand Raksha Morcha (URM).
Even the postal ballets could not save the TPS Rawat of URM.
Some of the regional parties could not get the minimum 8% share of total votes for their recognition as regional parties.

If Party politics cannot be avoided then Regional parties should have more say in the running of the State, especially if it comprises of the local peoples. What you feel?

Hope the new government will be formed in coming days (most probably of the Congress Party) and the functioning of the government machinery will begin soon.

Public didn’t commit an error in Uttar Pradesh as the result of the crucial poll were as expected. With few words it was good to see people’s power on display in democracy. It is other thing that what the Akhilesh Yadav and company can do in the coming years (seeing the bad events right after the result were declared), but peoples voted for change.

And the second thing is that the drama and tactics being played by the prince of Congress and the others in the coterie got befitting reply. Public is not that fool as was considered by them. Hope they will improve upon themselves for their own future and future of the country (sometime it is deeply regretted why future of country is in the hand of some of those misfits in the top political system of our country).

In Punjab history was created, when after 46 years there would be repeat of the previous government.
Anna Hazare and company which were moving into silence gradually might be feeling confident with the results.
Hope the events going in the state and the country as a whole are for good.

Your comments will be appreciated.

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