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Walk-in-interviews for Contractual teachers (PRT, TGT, and PGT), computer instructors, and coach’s etc jobs in Kendriya Vidyalayas (KVs) of Uttarakhand for 2012-13: process of recruitment and other useful information related to salary, working hours and period of contract.

New- Contractual teachers’ jobs in KVs 2013-14

Kendriya Vidyalaya or Central Schools affiliated to CBSE New Delhi are under the administration of Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (KVS) a central Government Autonomous body of the ministry of Human Resource and Development (MHRD).
To fulfill the shortage of permanent full time teachers it employs the contractual teacher on temporary basis generally for the tenure of one year or session. And generally the contract period is not extended for another year for the same person.

General Important information related to salary or wages and periods-

Revised contractual scale of PGT in KV- Rs. 260/period (Maximum 5periods a day)
Revised contractual scale of TGT in KV- Rs. 250/period (Maximum 5periods a day)
Revised contractual scale of PRT in KV- Rs. 210/period (Maximum 5periods a day)
Revised contractual scale of Computer Instructors in KV- Rs. 2/period (Maximum 5periods a day)
Revised contractual scale of Coaches of games and sports in KV- Rs. 210/period (Maximum 5periods a day)
Revised contractual scale of Music, Drawing, Painting in KV- Rs. 210/period (Maximum 5periods a day)

As there are lots of KVs in Uttarakhand and with the new session to be started KVs of different districts have come out with their requirements of the of the various grade vacancies to be filled for the session of 2012-13.

Our endeavor will be to provide you the combined information of the scattered vacancies published in the different newspapers. As most of the schools sites are not working or under constructions or have not been updated.

See these two articles also for answers to some questions regarding salary, workload and eligibility for the KV part time job

1- KV Pauri-
Phone number: 01368-221699

2- Check the various contractual posts in the KV Lansdowne (dates of interview are 26th and 27th March, 2012)

3- KV Joshimath Chamoli (date of interview are 20 and 21 March)

4- KV Rajgarhi Badkot, Uttarakashi (date of interview is 18th March)

4- KV ITBP Gauchar, Chamoli (date of interview is 23rd March)

5- KV Saundkhand via Lumgaon, Tehri Garhwal (date of interview is 19th March)

6- KV ONGC Dehradun (date of interview is 23rd and 24th March)
Contact number: 0135-2754378
Visit the website here

7-KV Raiwala (date of interview is 24th March)

8-KV Rishikesh IDPL (date of interview is 24th March)
Contact number: 0135-2453893

9- KV, SSB Srinagar (date of interview is 27th March, 2012)

Visit the school site and check the announcements

10- KV Augustyamuni, Rudraprayag (date of interview is 26th and 27th March, 2012)

11- KV FRI, Dehradun (date of interview is 23rd 24th March and 26th March)
Visit the site and check the scrolling notice

12- KV number-1 and 2, Roorkee, (tentative date of interview is 29th March)

And if you want more details you can ask through comments.

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