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Part-2: Uttarakhand State Eligibility Test U-SET 2012: questions and answers

Check the official answer keys of USET-2012 click here

If mean= 50 and then areas under 40 to 60 of Normal Probability curve will be
Ans- 68.27%

If most of the values in the group are greater than the mean then skewness is
Ans- positively skewed

Shape of Ogive or cumulative percentage curve
Ans- ‘S’ shape

Q2 or second quartile is same as
Ans- percentile 50
Directional hypothesis is
Ans- one tailed hypothesis

“Identity crisis” is part of the theory given by
Ans- Erickson

Partial correlation is used to
Ans- nullify or partial out the effect of he third variable or variables other than independent variables

Steps of the concept development
Ans- identity-concrete-….- formal

Creativity mostly involve
Ans- Divergent thinking

A person speak fast and in between take long break; is sign of
Ans- Nervousness

Diagnostic test is used to find out
Ans- learning gaps

Thorndike’s theory is a kind of
Ans- Thorndike theory can be called bond theory, connectionism, trial and error

A researcher wants to know about the college teacher behaviour through the survey of their students. What will be the most appropriate tool for this study?
Options- questionnaire, rating scale,

Which method is not used for measuring the personality?
Options- projective techniques, non-projective techniques, observation, interaction method
Ans- interaction method

Recently which term has come to be used for the children with disability?
Options- handicapped, special children, differently abled
Ans- differently abled

Value education is need for the kind of child
Options- gifted child, backward child, problem child
Ans- problem child

Null hypothesis indicates that
Ans- there is no significant difference

Experiment in reverse is term used for which research
Ans- ex-post-facto research

Mahatma Gandhiji established which educational institute
Options- Sabarmati Ashram, Gujarat Vidyapeeth, Mahatma Gandhi Vishwavidyalaya
Ans- Gujarat vidayapeeth

Sankhya philosophy was given by
Ans- Kapil

Which one is incorrect?
Options- Gandhiji started basic education in 1937, Tagore established Vishwabharti in 1921, Aurobindo was an idealist, Aurobindo favored same curriculum for boys and girls up to class X.

A kind of non probability sampling among the following
Ans- purposive sampling

A sampling where each unit have equal chance of selection
Ans- probability sampling

In a study of gender difference on achievement, gender is
Options- type E independent variable, Type S independent variable, control variable, dependent variable

Taxonomy of educational behaviour is given by
Options- Amidon, richer oble, Allen and Bush

Least used scale of measurement in educational research is
Ans- Ratio scale

Main teaching method as given by Buddhist system of education is
Ans- May be Conversation method or Instructional method

Who said; Education is to know ultimate truth, making it own, and giving expression to it
Options- Vivekanada, Gandhi, Pestalozzi,

Action research is done to
Ans- local problem

Standard error for the value (N) =36 and SD=0.24
Ans- 0.04

Kelley’s theory of intelligence has given following number of factors of intelligence
Ans- 5

Guilford model of intellect has following number of ‘operations’
Ans- 5

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Note- Remember above questions are based on memory and answers given are on basis of general agreement with experts. But there is no claim of authenticity. Please refer to official answer keys of USET  Come again for any such information or Result of the Uttarakhand SET exam 2012.

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