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Latest news and views on issues regarding Vishist BTC 2011-12 or UTET-1 in Uttarakhand: training and appointments 2253 primary teachers, modified waiting lists of VBTC, increase of seats, state counseling of VBTC

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3rd August, 2012- respected visitors you might be following the comments in the various related articles to get updated on this issue. Summary is that the process has been again stalled. There is issue of double domicile, where peoples have applied for two or more districts. They have been given time to surrender their other domicile/domiciles and also submit affidavit ensuring the DIET that they have only single domicile.
Perhaps the government should have made it mandatory and legally binding right from the beginning that no candidate can apply for more than two districts.
However it is still a matter of debate whether those candidates should be included in the process or not? What you think?
There should be some strict action against those defaulters?

Unless and until the issue is resolved you might have to wait for further proceeding or perhaps wait for another issue to crop up.

As far as the increase in seats is concerned there are contradictory and disturbing reports.
The issue is being shuttled here and there with political drama.
One report said that the seats would increase in proportion to the population of the district!
Ah! Cunning political propaganda to delay the matter and may be more dangerously divide the peoples? May be some serious back door politics is going on.
Why they are talking of increase in seats of Vishist BTC for few districts only? It seems ridiculous. And the ‘population’ logic is just……

A simple rational mind and legal approach is to at least increase the seats in according to the justified vacancies that are there in the schools or those are expected in immediate future whether they are in Haridwar, Rudraprayag, Udhamsingh Nagar or anywhere else.
Isn’t it?

And if the politicians showing to be favoring someone or actually interested in your interest they should be asked to increase the overall posts according to the RTE ratio of 30:1.
Rest assured that any of the above steps, forget for the two steps combined, done at right time and without political game and vested interest of few, will increase substantial number of seats in each district. You would not need to fight separately for each district. But peoples seem divided for small interests, which gives the ways for such wrong politics.

16 August, 2012- friends some reports say that some DIET have not followed the reservation policy properly and that is delaying the process. Probably the amendment would benefit the reserved category candidates in waiting and some of the selected candidates who are at the lower end of the General category lists may be out of the list.

27th September, 2012- friends, as you may have been following the comments of some of our visitors under the various related posts; we are just summarizing the whole thing for you.
Schools have been allotted in various district (Pauri, Bageshwar, and Chamoli) to the VBTC selected candidates of the modified lists through lottery system. Nainital will complete the process on 28th September.
As from the high court there are still writs there regarding the reservation issue and double domicile issue (perhaps Almora issue is one of them) and some candidates who are now out of the list have joined the fray in the court.

30th October, 2012- friends so now the counseling for Haridwar, Dehradun and Tehri is also over.
There may be disappointing news for those who are waiting for any increase in the seats of VBTC as now there seems no chance for the same.

13th November, 2012- friends as we have earlier informed you in the previous posts that government has taken permission for primary teacher recruitment through VBTC till 2014. It is now officially confirmed. And the exercise is also said to be underway for creating new posts.

28th December, 2012- The court has doubted the selection process. And government is given time to amend it or move to higher court. Meanwhile the Uttarakhand Vidhayaleye Siksha Parishad has come out with new UTET-I and UTET-II 2013. Check below.

5th March, 2013- friends it really frustrating to see the situation of each and every recruitment process but we people send them to govern us, so bear it.
Anyway the news here doesn’t seem good for the VBTC candidates. In short the hearing in the High court is being extended due to load of cases. And some insiders say that the government’s counter file is also weak. So both are not good sign for those already placed and also got trained. Some candidates are also planning to go for dharna.

2nd April, 2013- friends you might be waiting to see something here. Sorry for the delay as many of our friends have asked about the matter through comments.
So Government has filed its own reply and now appellant has to reply (rejoinder) perhaps in 3-4 weeks.
BTC candidates have also come out in large numbers to do dharna and giving memorandums to government. Seeing the situation now government, whose the administrative capability and work style never seemed pro-people after one year of term, now said to have appointed the State Advocate General (in simple the advocate who represent the state of Uttarakhand) to look after the VBTC case. Ok. It might have been enough to ward off the gathering and processions of candidates in parade ground or other areas.
But given the laws and rules and the court’s way of functioning, does it really matter that who is handling the case? Point is perhaps the other advocate is also aware of those rule and regulations and how to present the case!
 Isn’t it? Or we may not be aware of the real working of court matters. But from common sense point of view, is it a big deal to change advocate in this case at this time?

But for now it just seems that government just tried to any how delay or buy time to drag the matter and defuse the tension for the time being, may be till the next year’s election?

Hope we are wrong in future and the matter is resolved this way once and for all.

Please visit again for more update later.
And one request is that whatever you have share it or at least keep in touch through comment, only then we are also tempted to check from our sources what is going on in any issue otherwise it is lost in the plethora of such matters.

15th May, 2013- VBTC matter is now making big news headlines and read the new information

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