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1147 Regular BTC and 1300 siksha mitra appointments/recruitment as primary teachers 2012 and the latest news, why there should be exemption from TET?

So we thought that at least these 1300 siksha mitra and  1147 regular BTC candidates (Vishist BTC is different from regular BTC to know more read the earlier information in this site) will get appointment smoothly and there may not be too much or problems or hurdles. That is why we had not taken this issue earlier. But it seems nothing can move straightly nowadays.

Let us remind you that around 1000+ vacant post of primary teachers post are to be filled through the candidates who have undergone BTC training in the DIETs of the state. Some posts are to be filled by the siksha mitras in the state.

VBTC process is almost complete and most of the districts have done their counseling and allotment of the schools (read the previous related articles).

We have seen that DIET of  some districts (Haridwar, Dehradun, Bageshwar etc.) have also advertised for the post vacant in their districts for the candidates who have completed the 2 year BTC training.
But now the process is moving in court not in the actual ground.

Government has passed an order to exempt the regular BTC candidates from TET or CTET. Why they did so is not clear. It was pressure from the few regular BTC persons who have good approach in the higher echelons. Perhaps they were also instrumental in unsuccessfully stalling the process of VBTC for sometime.

Around 1300 Siksha Mitra who have undergone training with the regular BTC are also demanding that they should be exempted from TET for appointment as primary teachers.

So the Nainital High Court has now stalled the process until there is some compromising solution. However those regular BTC candidates who have qualified TET are safe.

And come again for any substantial information on this issue. And please add information to above if you can through comments.

Well it is a different and obvious debatable question why they all should be free from the basic teacher test like UTET or CTET to prove their efficiency and almost same knowledge which they will going to impart to the children?
When B.Ed trained should qualify it, then why not BTC or whoever they are should prove themselves?

Well it is not very difficult to find answer to this ‘why’.

Read this post why you need to pass these exam and find the answer to ‘why’.
Demand for the exemption from TET: valid or not?

Perhaps one can argue with credibility or TET or its format or pass percent or its necessity altogether in different respects but taking it as it is then, in fact, if one cannot pass TET can he/she is justified as teacher and will he/she be able to do justice with the profession?

It is necessary for a rational evaluation there must be proper views from other angles too so your views are welcome.

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